Overseas League Updates January 30th

Polish League Round 18 January 27th-30th

This round is technically Round 20 on the schedule and the last full round before the break and it started on Friday with Alexis Jones leading Torun past Pruszkow 82-59. Arka Gdynia had good start on Saturday, but Sleza Wroclaw controlled the rest of the game to win 78-58. Polkowice did not start well, but got the 95-79 win over Poznan. Tilbe Senyurek and Chantel Horvat led Gorzow past Polonia Warszawa 84-68 on Sunday. Karina Michalek and Bydgoszcz continue to battle, but they fell to Batabe Zempare, Miroslava Mistinova, and Zaglebie Sosnowiec on Monday.

January 27

Torun [82]: Jones 21 Grays 12/6r Adebayo 11/10r
Pruszkow [59]: Berezowska 15

January 28

Arka Gdynia [58]: Higgins 12/8r Borkowska 11 Kastanek 8 Zivaljevic 7 Vuckovic 5/7r Gorecki 5 Fontaine 2
Sleza Wroclaw [78]: Drop 18/8a Jones 17/8r Jakubiuk 16/9r Kurach 10/7r Jaworska 8/8a

Polkowice [95]: Mavunga 17/12r Friskovec 15 Gajda 15/6a Wheeler 13/6a Spanou 11 Puter 10
Poznan [79]: Dodson 18/9r Sutton 15/7a Popovic 13 Skobel 11

January 29

Gorzow [84]: Senyurek 23/9r Horvat 22/8r Wadoux 14 Allen 12/6a
Polonia Warszawa [68]: Jackson 19/9r Keys 14/6a

January 30

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [97]: Zempare 27/14r/6a Mistinova 22/9r/7a Dornstauder 12
Bydgoszcz [70]: Michalek 29/6r Sobiech 15/7a

Israeli League Round 14 January 29th-30th

The teams that have continental play had their games moved to Sunday in the last full round before the break and Elitzur Ramla won 76-70 against Eden Zipel and Hapoel Rishon Lezion as they seemed to have their eye on the next game for large portions of the contest. Kalani Brown kept Maccabi Ashdod perfect with an 85-80 win over Alex Harden, Courtney Hurt, and Elitzur Holon. The early game on Monday saw Ramat Hasharon’s foreign trio of Jazmine Jones, Alisia Jenkins, and Charli Collier at their best in a 79-65 win over Maccabi Haifa. Jillian Alleyne led Maccabi Ramat Gan past slumping Herzliya 75-64. The two teams at the bottom of the standings met and ASA Jerusalem has the momentum now as Danielle Adams and Taylor Wurtz continued to be ever-present for them in a 111-80 win over Kenisha Bell, Leah Purvis, and Hapoel Petah Tikva.

January 29

Elitzur Ramla [76]: Babkina 16 Austin 14/9r Cannon 13/9r Clark 12/6r Baron 12 Fleischer 2 Danan 0
Hapoel Rishon Lezion [70]: Zipel 20/6r Hooper 16/10r Simon 15/11r Charles 14/9r/7a

Maccabi Ashdod [85]: Brown 35/8r Hiedeman 13/10r/8a Walker-Kimbrough 11/10r/7a Dayan 11 Sahar 5 Cohen 4/6r Edelman 4
Elitzur Holon [80]: Harden 26/8r Hurt 24/8r/6a Simms 15 Raber 10/9r Presley 5

January 30

Ramat Hasharon [79]: Jones 26 Jenkins 20/16r Collier 20/15r Saar 3 Deluty 0
Maccabi Haifa [65]: Lev 18 Hopkins 16/7r/7a Bulgak 10/8r Okonkwo 10

Maccabi Ramat Gan [75]: Alleyne 24/14r Nared 13/10r Vaturi 12 Hatokay 11 Brown 7/11r/6a Abboud 5
Bnot Herzliya [64]: Day 19/16r Azouri 14 Richardson 11 Amukamara 9/8a Zambrotta 0

ASA Jerusalem [111]: Adams 26/9r/6a Wurtz 23/9r/7a Turudic 18/9r/7a/8s Furstenberg 15 Mihailetz 10
Hapoel Petah Tikva [80]: Bell 23/6a Purvis 20 Muldrow 18/11r Bone 5/6a

World of Basketball


A full round of games in South Korea started on Wednesday with the Stars winning 79-75 over the Blue Minx. Kim Dan-Bi had 30 points for first place Woori Bank in a 74-61 win over last place Hana Bank on Thursday. BNK won against the S-Birds on Friday as all the teams got their first game in after the break. The Stars defeated the Blue Minx again on Saturday, this time 88-67. Hana Bank continued their struggles and difficult schedule after an 82-68 loss to BNK on Sunday. The S-Birds showed that they can be dangerous in the playoffs with a 74-72 win over Woori Bank. The next stage of play at the single site in Kazakhstan started and Turan still remains undefeated while Barsy Atyrau is still looking for their first win. The Sunflowers swept a pair of makeup games against the Vickies in Japan.

Around Europe

Riga Stradins University continues to lead the Baltic league even though they have far more games to play still than most of the other teams. The action in the region came in Lithuania’s B division as Dovile Luksiene had a 10 steal game and Olga Fomina poured in 39 points while one game featured the victors just fielding their starting lineup for the entire game. The tie in the Adriatic is slowly being resolved after Buducnost defeated Vojvodina. In the united competition for Albania and Kosovo, Saranda Daci had 30 points for Penza, but Flamurtari won and extended their lead at the top of the standings after Enisa Qosja had 31 points in Tirana’s win over Partizani. Domestic league play resumed in Albania and Xhensika Toska just missed out on what would have been a truly memorable performance of a triple-double with 20 in each category.

The league cup was awarded in Switzerland on Sunday when Fribourg defeated Nyon. The last four teams fought for the cup in Sweden and it was Lulea that got two easy wins to lift the trophy. The semifinals of the cup were played in Luxembourg and Jovana Jaksic had 39 points and Bridget Yoerger had 24 rebounds in Sparta Bertrange’s 69-66 win in one game. After a 20 rebound domestic league game midweek, Faith Etute grabbed 21 rebounds on Sunday, but Diddeleng has been knocked off the perch that they started the season on after Grengewald Hueschtert’s latest win. A cup was also awarded in Great Britain as London Lions rolled past Leicester Riders. Getting their first continental win did not help Olympiacos in Greece as Panathinaikos clearly has the psychological edge now against their biggest rivals. The best individual efforts in the league were a 34 point game from Ciera Johnson and 31 points from Zoi Korre. The cup also continued in Cyprus and Cassidy Mihalko had 34 points and Styliana Velinova had 20 rebounds in their team’s win.

Chase for Promotion

Two rounds of games were played in the Turkish second division this week with no change at the top of the standings as Izmit needed overtime to win and keep pace with Tarsus. Zakyia Weathersby had the most consistent pair of games with a 23 point, 22 rebound effort being followed up by a 38 point, 20 rebound game. Mireille Muganza had 20 points and 21 rebounds in each of her games. Ameryst Alston had a 36 point game, but some big scoring happened in an overtime game with Tearra Banks scoring 35 points to help her team get the win against Aliyah Maczyk, who had 40 points. Vicenza picked up their first win in the northern half of Italy’s second division while Debora Gonzalez was the weekend’s leading scorer with 30 points for Matelica in the southern half.

Sladana Radulovic had 36 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists to pace Serbian second division leaders Topolcanka in another win. Marija Mrsic had 32 points in a win and terrific duel with Natasa Bucevac, who had 33 points, and Ajsa Hadzic had a 34 point game. Hannah Armour had 41 points in her game in Portugal’s second division with her teammate Carolina Anacleto dishing out 17 assists. Lanay Rodney had 32 points while Gabriellem Paula grabbed 21 rebounds. The performance of the week in Iceland’s second division was definitely 33 points and 26 rebounds from Cheah Rael-Whitsitt. Marissa Pangalos had 36 points to lead her team to a win in the southern half of Germany’s second division while Lena Dziuba had a 31 point game in her team’s narrow win in the northern half.

Notable Individual Performances

Andrijana Vukovic had 35 points in her game in Serbia, but her team is still looking for their first win. Dominique Leonidas had 10 steals in an overtime game that resulted in a loss in Norway. Daniela Wallen had 21 rebounds in Iceland, which had two rounds of games this week. The first games happened after the post-double round-robin split in Finland and Sierra Moore had a 32 point game to get her team a win. Maddi Utti had 30 points in her game, but that was not enough because Caterrion Thompson had 35 points in the win. Whisper Fisher had 23 rebounds in an overtime loss in the Czech Republic. In Croatia, Josipa Silov had 35 points and Tea Turic had a triple-double in Split’s win. Natasa Sobot had 37 points and her teammate Danijela Popovic had 21 rebounds in the Bosnian league. In Austria, Antonia Reissner grabbed 23 rebounds while Nina Krisper had 34 points in a loss. The lack of depth in Armenia contributed to big statlines as Shelle Daniels had 35 points and 20 rebounds and Lillian Brown had a 15 point, 21 rebound, 10 assist triple-double in a game where their team only played the starters. The team finally brought in a player off the bench in the next game, which saw Daniels turn in a 32 point, 32 rebound performance, which she followed up with a 38 point, 22 rebound effort.


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