Overseas League Updates February 16th

Polish League Round 19 February 15th

Part of this round was played on the Wednesday after the international break and Kristina Higgins and Batabe Zempare had a battle in the paint in Arka Gdynia’s 76-70 win over Zaglebie Sosnowiec. Zala Friskovec and Polkowice eventually pulled away from Andreona Keys and Polonia Warszawa to win 88-71. Aleksandra Zmierczak and Bydgoszcz completely stunned Torun, which got solid games from Vasiliki Louka and Alexis Jones, 75-72.

Arka Gdynia [76]: Higgins 22/10r Fontaine 17/6a Zivaljevic 13 Gorecki 6 Kastanek 5 Vuckovic 2
Zaglebie Sosnowiec [70]: Zempare 24/11r Dornstauder 19/13r Mistinova 12

Polkowice [88]: Friskovec 23 Spanou 19/12r Wheeler 13/11a Telenga 12 Gajda 10/6r/6a
Polonia Warszawa [71]: Keys 24/7r Jackson 11 Pawlowska 11 Leszczynska 10/10r

Bydgoszcz [75]: Zmierczak 22 Krupa 12/8r Sobiech 11/8r Kuriata 10
Torun [72]: Louka 24/11r Jones 20/9r Grays 13/6r

French Cup Quarterfinals February 11th-16th

One quarterfinal was played on Saturday as the two remaining second division teams were not affected by the international break. It was even after one half, but hosts Strasbourg were stronger after the break and then had to hold on late to defeat Monaco 56-51. The first game on Thursday was also the first for Landes as teams qualifying for EuroLeague entered the competition in this round and Marine Fauthoux and Regan Magarity led them to an 84-65 win over Angers. Lyon was the only road team to win, prevailing 82-71 at Tarbes. Villeneuve-d’Ascq started out on fire as Kamiah Smalls led them to an 83-74 win over Bourges.

February 11

Strasbourg [56]: Harris 14/10r Saint Juste 10/10r
Monaco [51]: Dreano-Trecant 15/6r Durant 13/10r Mosengo-Masa 10/9r Chandler 2

February 16

Landes [84]: Fauthoux 23/6r Magarity 21/8r Chery 13/7r Dumerc 10 Mann 4
Angers [65]: Lacan 15 Peterson 11 Jakubcova 7 Cornelie-Sigmundova 6 Bailey 5

Tarbes [71]: Leite 17 Ewodo 16/7r Tadic 14/10r Foppossi 13
Lyon [82]: Dietrick 18 Gruda 17/8r Johannes 12 Chartereau 11 Jocyte 11 Williams 4/6a Quevedo 3 January 2/6a

Villeneuve-d’Ascq [83]: Smalls 20 Burke 18/6a Diaby 15/10r Salaun 14 Ben Abdelkader 12
Bourges [74]: Anderson 19 Duchet 13 Bankole 12/7r Steinberga 8/7r Alexander 6

Hungarian Cup Quarterfinals February 16th

The tournament is trying a new format this season with the teams qualifying the same way, but playing quarterfinals separately and only playing the rest of the tournament at a single site. All games in this round were played on the Thursday after the international break. PEAC had to make a roster change over the break, but looked strong in an 87-44 win over Szigetszentmiklos. DVTK crushed BEAC 102-64 in Miskolc. Sopron stifled Szekszard 59-38 while Gyor rolled past Vasas 96-65.

PEAC [87]: Kiss 15/9r Adenike 12/8r Gwathmey 11/7r Calhoun 6
Szigetszentmiklos [44]: Perez 10/6r

DVTK [102]: Garbin 16/6r Bernath 12 Green 10/7r Aho 10/7a Grigalauskyte 10 Guirantes 9
BEAC [64]: Green 16 Radocz 11 Angyal 10

Sopron [59]: Brooks 13/7r Kunek 11/6r Magbegor 9 Turner 6 Stankovic 4/14r
Szekszard [38]: Wallace 18 Krnjic 6 Goree 4/10r

Gyor [96]: Ellenberg-Wiley 16 Torok 15 Mompremier 14/11r Williams 11 Ruff-Nagy 10 Oroszova 9
Vasas [65]: Papp 17/6r Nunn 11/7r E. Madar 11 Pardee 9

Israeli League Round 15 February 16th

All games except one in this round were scheduled for the Thursday after the international break. The first game was Jordan Hooper and Hapoel Rishon Lezion’s 82-54 win over Alisia Jenkins and Ramat Hasharon. Taylor Wurtz and Danielle Adams continued to lead ASA Jerusalem, but Maccabi Ashdod proved to be too much of a test and Shatori Walker-Kimbourgh and Tal Sahar paced the hosts in a 96-79 win. Elitzur Ramla was missing players as they have important games coming up, but Shakira Austin and Elina Babkina made up the difference in their 85-78 win even though Jennie Simms, Alex Harden, and Courtney Hurt were all strong for Elitzur Holon. The two struggling teams played and Kelsey Bone had the most spectacular performance of the day to lead Hapoel Petah Tikva to a 79-72 win over Breanna Richardson to avoid falling a game behind everyone else.

Hapoel Rishon Lezion [82]: Hooper 22/6r Charles 19/13r/8a Simon 13/9r Zipel 13
Ramat Hasharon [54]: Jenkins 23/9r Collier 13/8r Jones 11/9r Saar 5 Deluty 0

Maccabi Ashdod [96]: Walker-Kimbrough 25/7r/9a Sahar 20/10r Cohen 18/9r Edelman 15/7r Hiedeman 7/6r/6a Dayan 3
ASA Jerusalem [79]: Wurtz 31 Adams 22/10r Turudic 11/9r/7a

Elitzur Holon [78]: Simms 21/8r/7a Harden 21/7a Hurt 20/9r Presley 11
Elitzur Ramla [85]: Austin 36/11r Babkina 22/8a Cannon 15/10r Kayuf 12/7r Danan 0/8r Fleischer 0

Bnot Herzliya [72]: Richardson 22/11r Day 18/11r Zambrotta 9 Amukamara 7/6a Shea 2
Hapoel Petah Tikva [79]: Bone 37/19r Bell 18/10r Muldrow 15/8r Purvis 5

Spanish League Round 21 February 16th

The game that has the most direct relegation implications was not played, but all of the other teams were in action on the Thursday after the international break. Jolene Anderson and Barcelona edged Mariam Coulibaly and Ibaeta in the first game in Gipuzkoa. Sika Kone and Petra Holesinska had good games for Gran Canaria, but Araski prevailed at the end 76-75. Estudiantes pulled away from Bembibre for a 66-49 win. In Lugo, Ensino took advantage of Tenerife’s struggles to move to a much safer position after a 69-60 win, getting a triple-double from Alba Prieto. Shorthanded Avenida was not particularly convincing in a 63-47 win over Sedis. The game to determine which team would sit at the top of the standings closed the day and Valencia imposed their will early to win 77-62 over Girona.

Ibaeta [68]: Coulibaly 25/9r Brown 15/6r Almendro 10 Cuic 10 Cardano-Hillary 3 Soriano 0
Barcelona [69]: Anderson 22/9r Hamblin 7 Cruz 7 Llobet 3

Gran Canaria [75]: Kone 22/8r Holesinska 20/8r Hollivay 9/8r Scaife 6 Nesbitt 4
Araski [76]: White 17/6r Alarcon 17 Atkinson 13 Chagas 12 Holopainen 5 Van Den Adel 3 Diarra 0

Estudiantes [66]: Fingall 13 Mollenhauer 11 Mendez 10/6a
Bembibre [49]: Aijanen 8 Austin 6 Whalen 5/6r Silva 4

Zaragoza [67]: Tate 18/6r Fiebich 13/7r Gimeno 10 Gatling 9/8r Alonso de Armino 3 Grande 2 Geldof 1
Gernika [54]: Ygueravide 12 Williams 9 Cvitkovic 8 Silva 2

Ensino [69]: Ginzo 16 Giomi 12/6r Prieto 11/12r/10a Castedo 7/6r Martianez 7 Olaeta 5 Roundtree 4
Tenerife [60]: Sheppard 14 Palenikova 12 Madden 10/6r James 8/7r Lopez 2

Avenida [63]: Reisingerova 16 Cazorla 14/9r Carleton 13 Vilaro 8 Gulbe 7 Nogic 3 Rodriguez 0
Sedis [47]: Tunstull 13/6r Raventos 6 Watts 5 Strautmane 2 Brotons 2 Pujol 2

Valencia [77]: Ouvina 17/7r Carrera 13 Cox 12 Salvadores 10 Romero 9 Gulich 4 Burdick 0
Girona [62]: Sykes 15/6r Tolo 10 Garnder 8/7r Murphy 5 Flores 4


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