Overseas League Updates March 9th

Australian League Semifinals Game 1 March 8th-9th

The semifinals started on Wednesday with the two neighbors squaring off and a fantastic game from Tiffany Mitchell was not enough for Melbourne as Southside got the opener 84-76. The other series started on Thursday and Stephanie Reid helped Townsville win 81-68 against Sami Whitcomb and Perth.

Southside Flyers [84]: Blicavs 18/6r Cole 17 Thornton 14/7r Rocci 13/6r/7a Bishop 10 Ernst 5
Melbourne Boomers [76]: T. Mitchell 36/6r Nelson-Ododa 11/7r Murray 10 George 9/14r L. Mitchell 7 Wallace 2 Davidson 1 Ortlepp 0 Goodchild 0

Townsville Fire [81]: Reid 24 Heal 14 Samuelson 13 Hawkins 11 Nicholson 8 Ruef 3/12r Woods 2
Perth Lynx [68]: Whitcomb 22 Scherf 18/6r Ryan 10 Atwell 9/9r Sharp 4 Clinch Hoycard 3 Bibby 2/9r

Israeli League 2nd Stage Round 1 March 9th

Upper Group:

The extra set of games started on Thursday in Ashdod and Maccabi Ramat Gan was ready this time, getting more scoring from Brittany Brown and Jaime Nared to get an 87-82 win ever with Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Liz Cambage looking strong for the hosts. A battle of teams starting play tied saw Charli Collier and Ramat Hasharon edge Kaila Charles and Hapoel Rishon Lezion. Elitzur Ramla still had hopes of taking the top seed, but were shorthanded again and good games from Shakira Austin and Alysha Clark were not enough with Amy Okonkwo and Adut Bulgak leading Maccabi Haifa to an 88-70 win.

Maccabi Ashdod [82]: Walker-Kimbrough 29/8r Cambage 22/9r Sahar 11 Dayan 10 Hiedeman 4 Cohen 3/7a Edelman 0
Maccabi Ramat Gan [87]: Brown 26/11r/7a Nared 22 Alleyne 19/18r Vaturi 12 Abboud 4

Hapoel Rishon Lezion [66]: Charles 28/6r Simon 9/14r Hooper 9/7r
Ramat Hasharon [69]: Collier 25 Jenkins 19/8r Jones 14/6r Saar 8 Deluty 0

Elitzur Ramla [70]: Austin 25/10r Clark 23/12r Danan 10 Baron 8 Babkina 2/6a Fleischer 0
Maccabi Haifa [88]: Okonkwo 25 Bulgak 23/15r Hopkins 18/8r/13a

1. Maccabi Ashdod 16-3
2. Elitzur Ramla 13-6
3. Ramat Hasharon 12-7
4. Maccabi Ramat Gan 12-7
5. Maccabi Haifa 12-7
6. Hapoel Rishon Lezion 11-8

Lower Group:

The double round-robin in this group also started Thursday and Teodora Turudic and ASA Jerusalem kept Hapoel Petah Tikva in last place even though Teana Muldrow and Kenisha Bell were excellent. Elitzur Holon looked to be unable to wrap up safety early and instead remain in the fight to avoid the drop after trailing Promise Amukamara, Breanna Richardson, and Herzliya, but Jennie Simms was unstoppable late and got help from Courtney Hurt to win 91-76.

ASA Jerusalem [83]: Turudic 21/7r/9a Bar Gal 15/6r Mihailetz 14 Adams 13/15r Wurtz 13
Hapoel Petah Tikva [76]: Muldrow 31/11r Bell 22/10r/8a Roth 10 Bone 7/9r Purvis 6

Elitzur Holon [91]: Simms 34/8r/9a Hurt 21/8r Harden 15 Kabada 10 Presley 6/6r
Bnot Herzliya [76]: Amukamara 25 Richardson 22/12r/7a Nyingifa 16/11r Shea 5 Zambrotta 0

1. Elitzur Holon 7-12
2. ASA Jerusalem 5-14
3. Herzliya 4-15
4. Hapoel Petah Tikva 3-16

Italian League Round 23 March 8th-9th

Most of this round was on Wednesday, starting with Blanca Quinonez against showing that she is one of the most impressive players her age on the planet in Campobasso’s 88-76 win over Maddie Garrick and San Giovanni Valdarno. Bologna won 84-65, but at least Ragusa was able to field their full roster again. Sassari defeated San Martino di Lupari 71-61 to keep the visitors below the playoff spots for now. Kourtney Treffers helped Lucca secure a big 78-60 win over Moncalieri. That meant that Brixia’s 84-64 loss to Crema condemned them to the automatic drop. Tinara Moore led Sesto San Giovanni past Faenza 82-73 even with Pallas Kunayi-Akpanah continually crashing the boards again. The last game was on Thursday and there was extra basketball after Marina Mabrey and Schio forced overtime, but Venezia showed that they are still in the title conversation after Jessica Shepard and Awak Kuier led them to a 73-72 win.

March 8

San Giovanni Valdarno [76]: Garrick 23 Tassinari 17 Koizar 8 Paulsson Glantz 4/7r
Campobasso [88]: Quinonez 20/9r Parks 17/6r Trimboli 16/7r Abdi 13 Battisodo 12

Bologna [84]: Andre’ 14/7r Parker 14 Laksa 12 Pasa 11 Rupert 10/10r Zandalasini 10/6r/8a
Ragusa [65]: Hampton 17 Anigwe 15 Romeo 11 Vitola 7 Ostarello 6 Attura 4

Sassari [71]: Holmes 17/13r Gustavsson 13/10r Toffolo 10 Ciavarella 10 Thomas 9 Makurat 4
San Martino di Lupari [61]: Washington 16 James 14/7r Kaczmarczyk 10/7r/6a

Lucca [78]: Treffers 21/9r Natali 19 Morrison 15 Miccoli 12/14r/7a Tulonen 2
Moncalieri [60]: Sagerer 14 Reggiani 11 Westbeld 9/8r Mitchell 6/7r

Brixia [64]: Zanardi 18 Johnson 18 Vente 10/6r
Crema [84]: Kaba 17/10r D’Alie 17/7r/12a Dickey 14/8r Meresz 12/7r Conte 11

Faenza [73]: Davis 15 Policari 14 Hinriksdottir 13 Moroni 11 Kunaiyi-Akpanah 7/20r Campisano 4
Sesto San Giovanni [82]: Moore 25/8r Begic 15/6r Gorini 11 Panzera 10 Holmes 8

March 9

Venezia [73]: Shepard 25/14r Kuier 20/10r Delaere 17 Santucci 11/7r Pan 0 Cubaj 0
Schio [72]: Mabrey 23/8r Ndour-Fall 13/12r Howard 12 Penna 2

Turkish League Round 21 March 9th

Another full round of games was played on Thursday to continue to get back on schedule, starting with Chennedy Carter and Bursa continuing their climb up the standings and winning 73-69 over Khaalia Hillsman, Feyonda Fitzgerald, and Antalya. Ayse Cora and Tan White tried to make up for Cankaya University being even more shorthanded, but Tiffany Hayes and Cukurova won 88-63. Merritt Hempe and Jessica Thomas teamed up to lead Nesibe Aydin past Victoria Macaulay and Botas 94-69. Losing a key player left Orman short against Dana Evans, Monique Billings, and Besiktas 88-82. Kayseri got Lyndra Weaver back in the lineup, but are now in last place after a 78-71 loss to Megan Walker, Jantel Lavender, and company. Neither team was taking any changes in the great rivalry match and Alperi Onar continued her tear for Fenerbahce and Breanna Stewart helped as well in the 80-62 win over Galatasaray.

Antalya [69]: Hillsman 26/11r Fitzgerald 23/7a
Bursa [73]: Carter 29/7r Fluker 19/16r Uca 10

Cankaya Universitesi [63]: Cora 24/6r White 20/8r Yalcinkaya 4 Turk 0
Cukurova [88]: Hayes 23 Ozisik 12 Fitik 10 Gray 10 Hollingsworth 9 Williams 8/7r

Nesibe Aydin [94]: Hempe 22/12r Thomas 20/6r/7a Nelson 15/8r Guner 12 Duman 11 Yaya 10/10a
Botas [69]: Macaulay 22/7r Doyle 12 Gulcelik 10 McCall 3

Besiktas [88]: Evans 28/7a Billings 22/7r Bayram 19/17r
Orman [82]: Thomas 18/8r Gezgin 17 Simsek 14/11r Gray 11/8r Karakas 11

Kayseri [71]: Weaver 29/12r Landrum 17/10r Sonmez 11
Emlak Konut [78]: Walker 33/6r Lavender 21/9r Fields 9/6r

Galatasaray [62]: Nacickaite 18 Stevens 16/6r McCowan 14/12r
Fenerbahce [80]: Onar 22 Stewart 20/10r McBride 14 Meesseman 14 Cakir 6/8r Stokes 0

1. Cukurova 19-2
2. Fenerbahce 18-3
3. Galatasaray 16-5
4. Botas 13-8
5. Emlak Konut 12-9
6. Nesibe Aydin 12-9
7. Besiktas 11-10
8. Cankaya Universitesi 9-12
9. Orman 7-14
10. Bursa 6-15
11. Antalya 6-15
12. Rize 5-16
13. Hatay 8-13
14. Kayseri 5-16


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