Hungarian Cup Finals March 9th-10th

The final four teams met in Sopron to determine the champion. PEAC was looking to prove themselves ahead of the playoffs in the first game on Thursday and Virag Kiss led them past DVTK 76-72. The hosts played their old rivals again and Debora Dubei fired away for Gyor, but it was not enough and Jelena Brooks led her team to an 87-68 win. The first game on Friday was for 3rd place and DVTK pulled away in the 4th quarter for a 74-51 win over Gyor. PEAC was chasing an upset, but Sopron closed the door on that early and captured the trophy with an 89-46 win.

March 9
PEAC [76]: Kiss 20/12r Simon 13 Sanchez 13 Calhoun 12 Gwathmey 10
DVTK [72]: Kanyasi 19/9r Garbin 13 Bernath 12 Green 11 Guirantes 6 Aho 4
Sopron [87]: Brooks 21/6r Kunek 17 Magbegor 16/7r Turner 9/6a Hatar 2 Stankovic 1
Gyor [68]: Dubei 24 Ellenberg-Wiley 15 Williams 6 Mompremier 5/10r Oroszova 0

March 10
DVTK [74]: Guirantes 19/12r Green 19/8r Aho 11 Garbin 10
Gyor [51]: Ellenberg-Wiley 18 Bach 11 Williams 6 Oroszova 2/6r
PEAC [46]: Kiss 16/6r Gwathmey 9/6r Calhoun 2
Sopron [89]: Brooks 15 Kunek 12/6r Borondy 11/6a Fegyverneky 11 Magbegor 10 Varga 10 Turner 5 Hatar 2 Stankovic 1

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