Polish League Quarterfinals Game 1 March 11th

All of the quarterfinals series started on Saturday as the same teams will host again on Sunday in the best of five format. Polkowice started well with a 73-47 win over Polonia Warszawa. The first seeding upset had Jessica January providing an impressive performance for Zaglebie Sosnowiec and Miroslava Mistinova chipping in to get them a 75-72 win over Jovana Popovic and Poznan. Alanna Smith and Gorzow are still trying to recapture the form that had them rocket out of the gates and take the top seed, but they did win 79-72 against Sleza Wroclaw. The closest series in terms of seed had Natasha Mack and Lublin get the early lead with a 78-73 win despite the best efforts of Haley Gorecki for Arka Gdynia.

Polkowice [73]: Gajda 13 Telenga 12/16r Friskovec 12 Spanou 8 Wheeler 7
Polonia Warszawa [47]: Radic 10 Jackson 6 Keys 4

Poznan [72]: Popovic 20 Sutton 15/6r Dodson 14/15r Pokk 14/8r
Zaglebie Sosnowiecz [75]: January 25/19r/7a Mistinova 20/6r Zempare 16/8r Dornstauder 9/6r/6a

Gorzow [79]: Smith 22/9r/7a/6b Senyurek 18 Horvat 14 Allen 14/7a
Sleza Wroclaw [72]: Jones 18/11r Drop 17/6a Kurach 11/6r Jaworska 10

Lublin [78]: Mack 22/13r Taylor 16 Zietara 13/6a Stanacev 11/7a Zec 7
Arka Gdynia [73]: Gorecki 29 Higgins 10/11r Fontaine 10 Kastanek 9 Vuckovic 2

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