EuroLeague Quarterfinals Game 2 March 17th

All of the home teams needed wins on Friday to extend their series to Wednesday. Fenerbahce was led by Breanna Stewart and they avenged their final loss to Jelena Brooks and Sopron by eliminating them 82-62. Raquel Carrera and Valencia were able to finish late this time with an 80-75 win over Costanza Verona and Schio and could be even closer to full strength for the deciding game. Yvonne Anderson and Bourges took a solid lead early, but then had to dramatically fend off Tiffany Hayes and Cukurova to force a final game. Avenida was forced into overtime by Brionna Jones as Alyssa Thomas was also strong again for USK Praha, but they prevailed in the extra period 73-71 and made it three games for Wednesday.|tab=boxscore
Sopron [62]: Brooks 21 Magbegor 15 Stankovic 6 Turner 4/7a
Fenerbahce [82]: Stewart 25 Meesseman 16/7r Vandersloot 9 Sabally 8 Iagupova 6/7r/9a Cakir 6/6a McBride 6 Stokes 2 Raca 0
Fenerbahce wins series 2-0|tab=boxscore
Valencia [80]: Carrera 21/11r Cox 14 Casas 11 Romero 10/11a Gulich 9 Torrens 6 Burdick 4/7r Salvadores 2
Schio [75]: Verona 20/7a Keys 18/6r Mabrey 12/7r/7a Howard 8 Ndour-Fall 7 Mestdagh 3 Penna 0
Series tied 1-1|tab=boxscore
Bourges [76]: Anderson 22 Duchet 16 Miyem 9 Steinberga 8 Alexander 2/6r
Cukurova [75]: Hayes 26/6a Williams 14/10r Gray 14 Crvendakic 11 Cornelius 4/6r Dubljevic 3/6r Hollingsworth 0
Series tied 1-1|tab=boxscore
Avenida [73]: Fasoula 14/6r Onyenwere 12 Dominguez 12 Reisingerova 10 Carleton 9/9r Cazorla 7 Vilaro 5 Gulbe 3 Rodriguez 1
USK Praha [71]: Jones 23/11r Thomas 21/17r Vukosavljevic 11 Conde 8 Vorackova 2 Fagbenle 0
Series tied 1-1


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