Overseas League Updates March 18th

Australian League Finals Game 1

The finals started on Saturday in Townsville and it was a decisive 94-63 win for them behind Shyla Heal and Tianna Hawkins. Bec Cole and Southside will try to extend their season at home on Wednesday.

Townsville Fire [94]: Heal 23 Hawkins 20 Woods 11 Reid 9/7a Nicholson 9 Samuelson 7/6r Ruef 3/9r Leger-Walker 3 Gaze 0
Southside Flyers [63]: Cole 20 Blicavs 11/6r Thornton 5 Bishop 4 Pineau 2 Ernst 0 Hollingsworth 0

Hungarian League Makeup Game

The last game from Round 14 was played on Saturday ahead of next week’s final games and Gyor rolled to an 86-40 win over Szigetszentmiklos.

Gyor [86]: Torok 10 Williams 10 Ellenberg-Wiley 10 Varga 10 Oroszova 4
Szigetszentmiklos [40]: Degbeon 9/10r McBryde 8/7r Perez 6

1. Sopron 20-1
2. Gyor 18-3
3. DVTK 18-3
4. PEAC 15-6
5. Szekszard 14-7
6. BEAC 9-12
7. Csata 8-13
8. MTK 8-13
9. Vasas 8-13
10. Szigetszentmiklos 5-16
11. Cegled 3-18
12. Pecsi 0-21

Polish League Quarterfinals Game 3

All series continued on Saturday with sweeps still possible and Polkowice had an easy 86-48 deciding win in the first game. Having done the hard work in the two games on the road, Jessica January and Batabe Zempare shook off a slow start for a 73-68 win over Poznan. Arka Gdynia probably had the best hopes of extending a series after two close games away from home, but a good game from Nathalie Fontaine was not enough with Natasha Mack and Sparkle Taylor leading Lublin to a 74-67 win. Lindsay Allen and Gorzow finished a day of sweeps with a 96-61 win over Stephanie Jones and Sleza Wroclaw.

Polonia Warszawa [48]: Pawlowska 13 Lesczynska 11/7r Keys 8/6r
Polkowice [86]: Banaszak 19 Spanou 15 Wheeler 12/6r/13a Puter 11 Telenga 10/8r
Polkowice wins series 3-0

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [73]: January 28/14r Zempare 19/20r Dornstauder 14/10r Mistinova 12
Poznan [68]: Skobel 16/8r Sutton 16/7a Dodson 15
Zaglebie Sosnowiec wins series 3-0

Arka Gdynia [67]: Fontaine 23 Gorecki 12/7r/6a Higgins 10 Kastanek 4 Vuckovic 2
Lublin [74]: Mack 22/10r Taylor 21 Zec 11
Lublin wins series 3-0

Sleza Wroclaw [61]: Jones 26 Drop 10/6r/10a Jakubiuk 10/6r Jaworska 2
Gorzow [96]: Allen 21/6r/7a Wadoux 19/9a Horvat 16 Smith 14/10r/6a Senyurek 14
Gorzow wins series 3-0


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