Overseas League Updates April 1st

Italian Cup March 30th-April 1st

All quarterfinals of the cup were played on Thursday and the first game was fantastic as Keisha Hampton and Ragusa looked as dangerous as their roster looked on paper before the season before Marina Mabrey and Rhyne Howard could Schio force overtime and win 87-78. The next game was more of a grind, but Sassari prevailed 53-48 against Sesto San Giovanni. Venezia broke open their game early in the second half and then fended off San Martino di Lupari’s final charge 83-75. Robyn Parks and Campobasso had a very tough draw, losing to Bologna 96-71. Schio looked strong in the first semifinal on Friday, an 88-61 win over Sassari. Sara Madera and Venezia controlled the second half to defeat Bologna 78-63. Rhyne Howard was the key in the final on Saturday and Schio built a big lead on their way to a 73-62 win over Venezia.

March 30

Schio [87]: Mabrey 23/7r/6a Howard 21/7r Ndour-Fall 12/12r Verona 12 Penna 0
Ragusa [78]: Hampton 28/7r Anigwe 14/9r Attura 12 Ostarello 9 Romeo 7/6a Vitola 2/10r

Sassari [53]: Holmes 19/12r Gustavsson 14/10r Makurat 10/6r Thomas 2/6r
Sesto San Giovanni [48]: Moore 11/10r Trucco 10/13r Holmes 4

Venezia [83]: Shepard 16/12r Kuier 12/8r Pan 11 Villa 10 Santucci 10 Cubaj 4
San Martino di Lupari [75]: Washington 16/7r Pastrello 15 Milazzo 14 James 11/9r

Campobasso [71]: Parks 26/6r Trimboli 11/7r Abdi 11
Bologna [96]: Rupert 19/9r Laksa 19 Zandalasini 13 Dojkic 8 Parker 6/9r

March 31

Schio [88]: Mabrey 17/9r Penna 17 Ndour-Fall 13 Mestdagh 10
Sassari [61]: Thomas 12 Makurat 12 Holmes 11/7r Toffolo 11 Gustavsson 4

Bologna [63]: Zandalasini 18/10r Rupert 16 Parker 8 Laksa 2 Dojkic 0
Venezia [78]: Madera 21/7r Delaere 16 Shepard 13/7r Cubaj 4 Kuier 4 Pan 4 Santucci 0

April 1

Schio [73]: Howard 20 Mabrey 11 Sventoraite 10 Penna 3 Ndour-Fall 2
Venezia [62]: Shepard 12/9r Fassina 10/7r Villa 10 Kuier 6 Pan 5 Cubaj 0

Hungarian League Playout Round 1 March 31st-April 1st

The double round-robin for the teams in the bottom third started on Friday with Pecsi still looking for their first win of the season, but it did not come against Timea Czank and Csata as they lost 87-55. Dominique McBryde led Szigetszentmiklos to a 76-59 win over Cegled on Saturday.

Csata [87]: Czank 21 Toman 18/7r Gyongyosi 17 Szabo 15 Barnai 10/8r
Pecsi [55]: Vincze 18 Zsilinszky 10

Cegled [59]: Cooper 19 Williams 17
Szigetszentmiklos [76]: McBryde 21/8r Degbeon 18 Vari 12 Perez 9

1. Csata 9-14
2. Szigetszentmiklos 6-17
3. Cegled 3-20
4. Pecsi 0-23

Turkish League Quarterfinals Game 1 April 1st

All of the quarterfinals series started on Saturday as the teams faced another short turnaround with the goal of compacting the schedule towards its original planned duration. Fenerbahce continues to shuffle its lineup and it was Kayla McBride leading them to a 90-70 win over Dana Evans and Besiktas. Cukurova continues to have a crowded calendar, but was able to take an early lead again and coast to a 114-67 win behind Asena Yalcin. Galatasaray will be competing on two fronts during this time and faced a difficult test from Jessica Thomas, Merritt Hempe, and Nesibe Aydin, but they rotated back to their strongest lineup with Azura Stevens leading the way and won the opener 76-69. Nirra Fields led the league upstarts to the only win from a road team 75-74 over Botas.

Fenerbahce [90]: McBride 25/6r/6a Vandersloot 17/14a Stewart 14/9r Stokes 8/17r
Besiktas [70]: Evans 24/12a Billings 15/9r Bayram 11/13r

Cukurova [114]: Yalcin 29/6r/8a Atas 17/7a Fitik 15/6r Ural 14/12r Hayes 10 Takmaz 10 Williams 5 Gray 2
Cankaya Universitesi [67]: Ugur 19 Yalcinkaya 16/9r Cora 15 Oral 14 Turk 3

Galatasaray [76]: Stevens 26 McCowan 19/14r Bilgic 11 Prince 6 Nacickaite 2 Canitez 0
Nesibe Aydin [69]: Thomas 23/8r/6a Hempe 22/7r Nelson 10/9r

Botas [74]: Macaulay 17 Gunay 14 McCall 13/11r Uzun 11/9a Doyle 4
Emlak Konut [75]: Fields 25/6r Caglar 14/7r Yavuz 13 Lavender 6/7r Walker 6


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