Overseas League Updates April 6th

Polish League Finals Game 2

Polkowice knew that a second home loss on Thursday would make it extremely difficult to win the championship and were able to prevail this time 80-62 against Natasha Mack and Lublin.

Polkowice [80]: Banaszak 19/10r Spanou 16/9r Wheeler 11/6r/6a
Lublin [62]: Mack 21/6r Taylor 15/6r Zietara 11/6a Zec 5
Series tied 1-1

Italian League Playdowns Round 1

Both series in this tournament started on Thursday with teams looking to win the best of three series to stay in the league and avoid the last series for the two losing teams. Faenza edged out San Giovanni Valdarno 55-50 and Moncalieri exploded after halftime for an 80-59 win over Lucca.

Faenza [55]: Hinriksdottir 15 Cupido 14/8r Kunaiyi-Akpanah 6/10r Davis 4 Campisano 0
San Giovanni Valdarno [50]: Paulsson Glantz 14/7r Krivacevic 12/6r Schwienbacher 10 Koizar 0

Moncalieri [80]: Mitchell 18/8r Westbeld 12 Tagliamento 12/6a Reggiani 10 Sagerer 9/9r
Lucca [59]: Treffers 15/6r Morrison 9 Tulonen 0

Hungarian League Consolation Bracket Game 1 April 5th-6th

The first consolation bracket game was on Wednesday and PEAC suffered some hangover from their exit from the main draw with a 78-69 loss to Vasas. The other series started on Thursday with Petra Pusztai and Panka Dul helping MTK win 83-79 against Ana Vojtulek and BEAC.

PEAC [69]: Kiss 18 Katanic 15/7a Wentzel 11 Gwathmey 4/7r Calhoun 4
Vasas [78]: Madar 16/6r Nunn 13/9r Smailbegovic 12 Pardee 10

BEAC [79]: Vojtulek 20/11r Green 18/6a Toth 15 Angyal 13/6r
MTK [83]: Pusztai 20 P. Dul 20 Marshall 18/10r/9s Manis 10 Hegedus 5


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