Overseas League Updates April 7th

Turkish League Playoffs

After a tough loss in their continental final, Galatasaray was hoping to at least complete a domestic sweep, but instead will be forced into crowding their schedule further with a deciding game Sunday after a 78-69 loss to Jessica Thomas and Nesibe Aydin even with a good game from Teaira McCowan. Friday’s other game marked the start of the semifinals and Cukurova wants to take care of business before their continental adventure and they won the opener 93-65 over Botas.

Quarterfinals Game 2

Nesibe Aydin [78]: Thomas 26 Nelson 13/11r Akalan 11 Yaya 10 Hempe 4
Galatasaray [69]: McCowan 26/14r Nacickaite 13 Jurjane 12/8r Prince 10 Canitez 0
Series tied 1-1

Semifinals Game 1

Cukurova [93]: Hayes 16 Ural 14/14r Williams 14/7r Crvendakic 13/7r/8a Koksal 10
Botas [65]: Gulcan 12 Uzun 11 Macaulay 9 Doyle 4

Hungarian League Semifinals Game 1 April 6th-7th

The first semifinals series opened on Thursday with an easy 83-58 win for Sopron over Szekszard. The other series started Friday with an absolute thriller as Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley and Gyor just edged Arella Guirantes and DVTK 100-97.

Sopron [83]: Brooks 18 Turner 15/6r Kunek 15 Magbegor 14 Stankovic 4
Szekszard [58]: Wallace 18 Studer 10 Krnjic 8/8r Goree 6

Gyor [100]: Ellenberg-Wiley 27/6r Ruff-Nagy 16/9a Williams 14/6r Dubei 13/6r Oroszova 11
DVTK [97]: Guirantes 28/7r Aho 15 Jovanovic 14 Green 10 Kanyasi 10

Italian League Quarterfinals April 4th-7th

One series had to start earlier so that Schio could compete in continental competition and they opened with an 85-55 win over Campobasso on Tuesday. It was the Iliana Rupert show on Thursday as Bologna pulled away from Crema in the second half for a 95-70 win. Jessica Shepard led Venezia to a 69-52 win over Ragusa in Friday’s first game. The last series opened in wild fashion as it took two overtimes for Tinara Moore and Sesto San Giovanni to bring home a 90-85 win over Debora Carangelo, Anna Makurat, and Sassari. The other game was the second game of that series and Schio was hoping for a sweep to have a full week of rest before their big continental games, but Robyn Parks made sure that Campobasso would play again on Monday with a 67-66 win over Marina Mabrey and company.

April 4

Schio [85]: Ndour-Fall 14 Verona 14 Mestdagh 13/7r Mabrey 13 Penna 6 Howard 3
Campobasso [55]: Parks 17 Abdi 6/7r

April 6

Bologna [95]: Rupert 35/8r Parker 18/12r Laksa 17 Dojkic 7 Zandalasini 2/7a
Crema [70]: Conte 16 Kaba 13 D’Alie 12/6r/8a Meresz 10/6r Dickey 9/7r

April 7

Venezia [69]: Shepard 22/15r Kuier 14 Santucci 7 Pan 6 Cubaj 0
Ragusa [52]: Anigwe 18/12r Hampton 10 Vitola 9/10r Attura 5 Romeo 4 Ostarello 2

Sassari [85]: Carangelo 26 Makurat 24/9a Holmes 13 Gustavsson 10/10r Thomas 10/7r
Sesto San Giovanni [90]: Moore 25/17r Dotto 17 Holmes 15/8r Trucco 13/7r Panzera 11

Campobasso [67]: Parks 29/8r Scherf 13/10r Abdi 7/9r
Schio [66]: Mabrey 20/9r Verona 10/7r Keys 10 Howard 8 Ndour-Fall 6/6r Penna 2 Mestdagh 2
Series tied 1-1


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