Overseas League Updates April 11th

Italian League Quarterfinals Game 2

All series not affected by continental play continued on Tuesday. Having already won on the road, Sesto San Giovanni was looking for a seeding upset and they got an 83-77 victory over Joyner Holmes and Sassari behind Tinara Moore. Ragusa kept themselves in the picture early, but Venezia took the lead after the break on their way to a 71-58 win. Top seed Bologna finished a day of sweeps with a 75-62 win over Crema behind Cheyenne Parker.

Sesto San Giovanni [83]: Moore 22/7r Gorini 19 Trucco 18/7r Holmes 12/6r Panzera 10/8r
Sassari [77]: Holmes 23/14r/6a Makurat 17/6r/9a Carangelo 15/7r Gustavsson 10 Thomas 7
Sesto San Giovanni wins series 2-0

Ragusa [58]: Anigwe 14 Hampton 14 Ostarello 10/9r/6s Romeo 8 Attura 6 Vitola 2/7r
Venezia [71]: Shepard 16/11r Santucci 12 Delaere 10 Fassina 10 Kuier 8 Cubaj 8 Pan 2
Venezia wins series 2-0

Crema [62]: Kaba 18/9r Dickey 9 D’Alie 7/6r/6a
Bologna [75]: Parker 22/8r Andre’ 13/15r Laksa 7 Zandalasini 6/7r Rupert 6 Dojkic 4
Bologna wins series 2-1

Polish League Playoffs

Both series continued on Tuesday with the finalists playing another back-to-back. Sparkle Taylor and Lublin looked set to take the lead early at home, but Erica Wheeler made sure that Polkowice would at worst have another chance on their court after a 77-73 win. Jessica January and Zaglebie Sosnowiec tried to extend their season at home, but Alanna Smith and Gorzow left with a 67-62 win to capture third place after a tremendous start to their campaign.

Finals Game 3

Lublin [73]: Taylor 20/7r Mack 17/13r Zec 8
Polkowice [77]: Wheeler 27/9r/9a Spanou 15/7r
Polkowice leads series 2-1

3rd Place Series Game 2

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [62]: January 24/12r/7a Dornstauder 10/13r Mistinova 10 Zempare 8/6r
Gorzow [67]: Smith 21/14r Allen 19 Wadoux 10/6r Horvat 9/10r
Gorzow wins series 2-0


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