Overseas League Updates April 12th

EuroCup Finals Game 2

The last game of the competition was played on Wednesday and Teaira McCowan and 13 seed Galatasaray knew that they would need an incredible performance to win. Marine Johannes and 19 seed Lyon did not play like they had a massive lead and that helped them cruise to an 85-57 win to create an overwhelming 180-113 aggregate win.

(13) Galatasaray [57]: McCowan 21/6r Nacickaite 8 Jurjane 5 Stevens 4 Prince 2
(19) Lyon [85]: Johannes 20/6a Williams 13/6r Gruda 11/6r Dietrick 11 Quevedo 10/7r Chartereau 10 Jocyte 3
Lyons wins 180-113

Polish League Finals Game 4

Lublin needed a win at home on Wednesday to force a deciding game on Saturday and they played like that early. Polkowice got closer thanks to Erica Wheeler again, but the hosts established a lead again in the second half to prevail 77-70.

Lublin [77]: Mack 17/9r Stanacev 16/7a Zietara 12 Zec 11/6r Ziemborska 11 Taylor 8/6r
Polkowice [70]: Wheeler 22/7r/7a Spanou 15/10r Gajda 15
Series tied 2-2

Hungarian League Semifinals Game 3

Two series needed deciding games on Wednesday. There was plenty of excitement in the game in the semifinals as Arella Guirantes was brilliant for DVTK in forcing overtime, but Gyor dominated the extra frame to progress 87-77. The game in the consolation bracket was first and Sierra Calhoun made sure that PEAC was the one advancing by leading them to a 79-73 win over Vasas.

Championship Bracket

Gyor [87]: Ellenberg-Wiley 19/6r/9a Dombai 17/6r Dubei 15/6r Ruff-Nagy 14 Williams 12/9r Oroszova 2
DVTK [77]: Guirantes 32/8r Aho 12/6r/6a Garbin 12
Gyor wins series 2-1

Consolation Bracket

PEAC [79]: Calhoun 31 Kiss 15/9r Gwathmey 7/9r
Vasas [73]: Nunn 17/9r Smailbegovic 17 Pardee 13/7r
PEAC wins series 2-1


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