Overseas League Updates April 16th

EuroLeague Finals

Sunday was the final day of games and it was the bronze medal match first. USK Praha was hoping to win in front of the home fans, but Schio recovered after losing their lead with a dramatic Egle Sventoraite buzzer-beater for a 59-56 win. That set the stage for the final as Cukurova had the edge from their domestic matchups, but this would be the only opportunity for both teams to field all available players without local foreign player restrictions. Fenerbahce had plenty of recent heartbreak, but they made sure that there would be no doubt in this game, racing out to a massive lead for a record-setting performance on a number of levels with a 99-60 win behind Breanna Stewart.

3rd Place

Schio [59]: Mabrey 17 Ndour-Fall 11/6r Howard 9 Mestdagh 3 Penna 0
USK Praha [56]: Oblak 17 Thomas 15/12r Jones 10/15r Vukosavljevic 6 Conde 3 Vorackova 2

1st Place

Fenerbahce [99]: Stewart 35/6r McBride 16/6r Sabally 11 Cakir 11 Meesseman 10/7r/6s Iagupova 7 Vandersloot 5 Stokes 0 Raca 0
Cukurova [60]: Crvendakic 10/7r Williams 10 Cornelius 10 Atas 10 Gray 9/6a Dubljevic 4 Hayes 3 Hollingsworth 2

Hungarian League April 15th-16th

Finals Game 1

Three series started on Saturday, starting with the best of five matchup for the championship. Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley will need to be at her best for Gyor to have any chance at the upset, but her strong start was not enough in an 80-68 loss to Jelena Brooks and Sopron. The bronze medal series started with an excellent game as Arella Guirantes and DVTK had the better of the final quarter in Miskolc to defeat Szekszard 64-60. Vasas won on the road 77-62 over Franka Toth and BEAC to open the 7th place series. PEAC looks ready to capture the consolation championship after their 100-52 win over MTK on Sunday.

Sopron [80]: Brooks 25 Magbegor 19/6r/6a Turner 8/7a Stankovic 4
Gyor [68]: Ellenberg-Wiley 28/6r Oroszova 13/7r Ruff-Nagy 10 Williams 2

DVTK [64]: Guirantes 30/19r Kanyasi 14 Aho 3
Szekszard [60]: Goree 16/8r Krnjic 14/7r Studer 11 Wallace 8

BEAC [62]: Toth 24/10r Vojtulek 18/9r Green 9
Vasas [77]: Nunn 18/18r Pardee 16 Toth 11/6r E. Madar 10

PEAC [100]: Kiss 18/9r Wentzel 14 Gwathmey 11/9r Adenike 11/7r Kaszas-Papp 10 Calhoun 10
MTK [52]: T. Dul 10 Hegedus 9 Manis 7

Playout Game 4

The second half of this extra double round-robin started on Saturday and Pecsi was looking forward to at least getting a win with the rest of the teams basically set in their finishing positions, but they could not get closer than 86-78 against Csata even with a good game from Nikolett Vincze. Szigetszentmiklos defeated Cegled 76-56 on Sunday.

Pecsi [78]: Vincze 23/6r Kovacs 17/10r Tenyer 17
Csata [86]: Jahni 19 Czank 14/6r Gyongyosi 10 Szabo 8

Szigetszentmiklos [76]: Aldazabal 18 Vari 12/7r/7a McBryde 9/6r
Cegled [56]: Laufer 16/9r Szabo 10 Cooper 8/9r

1. Csata 12-14
2. Szigetszentmiklos 8-18
3. Cegled 4-22
4. Pecsi 0-26


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