Overseas League Updates April 29th

Italian League Finals Game 1

The championship series started on Saturday with the top two teams in the regular season meeting and the first game certainly lived up to expectations. It was close throughout, but Rhyne Howard and Schio managed to get just enough separation late to edge Bologna 86-84. They will now host on Tuesday with a chance to win the title.

Bologna [84]: Zandalasini 19/6r Parker 18/10r Dojkic 15 Laksa 11 Rupert 10
Schio [86]: Howard 20/9r Sottana 16 Mabrey 15 Bestagno 12 Verona 11/6r Mestdagh 0

French League Playdowns Round 1

The playdowns started on Saturday as the bottom four teams will play a double round-robin to determine the team to drop down a division with results between the teams in the regular season counting towards these standings. Landerneau strengthened their roster down the stretch, but also took advantage of Tarbes being in a relatively safe position at the top of this group to breeze to an 83-57 win. Toulouse could not maintain their one game edge as Saint-Amand had Oderah Chidom back at her best in a 78-76 win to avoid getting sucked into the fray for now.

Landerneau [83]: Taylor 17/10r Day 15/9r Hampton 15 Trasi 8 Hermida 4/9r/7a
Tarbes [57]: Yacoubou 14 Tadic 10/7r Leite 10 Foppossi 8

Toulouse [76]: Bulgak 16/12r Sutherland 16/8r Loyd 15 Lambert 7/8a Mangakahia 6
Saint-Amand [78]: Chidom 26/7r Kucowski 16/8r Limouzin 12 Stervinou 12 Thompson 4

1. Tarbes 5-2
2. Saint-Amand 5-2
3. Toulouse 2-5
4. Landerneau 2-5


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