Overseas League Updates April 27th

Israeli League Finals Game 5

The championship came down to one game on Thursday after an excellent series. Natisha Hiedeman took on a bigger scoring role for hosts Maccabi Ashdod and Liz Cambage grabbed a lot of rebounds. In the end, it was the visitors Elitzur Ramla that left with a 62-54 win, doing enough late and matching a similar pattern to last season even down an import.

Maccabi Ashdod [54]: Hiedeman 20/6r/6a Walker-Kimbrough 17 Cambage 8/22r Cohen 4 Sahar 3 Edelman 0 Dayan 0
Elitzur Ramla [62]: Austin 19/13r Baron 14/8r Babkina 14 Clark 10/12r Danan 5
Elitzur Ramla wins series 3-2

Spanish League Semifinals Game 1 April 26th-27th

One semifinals series started on Wednesday and Barcelona was looking for another upset, but Avenida has a solid advantage to bring back to Salamanca after a 64-57 win. Top seed Valencia has a bigger lead after going to Zaragoza on Thursday and winning 72-57 behind Raquel Carrera.

Barcelona [57]: Hamblin 14/7r Rakovic 11 Mircheva 11 Anderson 8 Cruz 5/7a Pujol 0
Avenida [64]: Onyenwere 15/8r Fasoula 11/6r Rodriguez 10 Reisingerova 8 Carleton 8 Prince 4 Nogic 2 Vilaro 0 Cazorla 0

Zaragoza [57]: Gatling 16 Ortiz 13/6a Geldof 9 Alonso de Armino 8 Tate 6/9r Gimeno 0 Grande 0
Valencia [72]: Carrera 21 Romero 14 Gulich 9/7r Torrens 7 Cox 2 Burdick 0 Salvadores 0


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