Overseas League Updates May 2nd

Italian League Finals Game 2

On Tuesday, Schio had the chance to win the championship at home while Bologna was trying to bring the series back home after such a strong regular season. It was another great game, but Marina Mabrey made sure that there would not be another meeting, spending the entire time on fire in leading the hosts to an 84-79 win.

Schio [84]: Mabrey 37 Verona 17 Howard 14/8r Mestdagh 0 Penna 0
Bologna [79]: Dojkic 18/9a Rupert 14/10r Parker 14/6r Laksa 13/7r
Schio wins series 2-0

French League Quarterfinals Game 1

All series started on Tuesday with the teams that finished lower in the standings hosting before the top four teams, who had a clear advantage in the regular season, host on Saturday. Roche was not the most consistent in the regular season, but Tima Pouye gave them the lead with a fantastic performance in a 79-73 win over Lattes Montpellier. Charleville-Mezieres has had to deal with injuries and roster changes all season long, drawing the top seed after making the playoffs and Nikolina Milic had a good game, but Marine Johannes was brilliant for Lyon in a 91-79 win. Angers was content to make the playoffs, generously letting their star leave early and ceding control to her young backcourt mate Leila Lacan so the game went about as expected with Kennedy Burke and Kamiah Smalls helping Villeneuve-d’Ascq leave with a 103-74 win. One series will require no further math after Landes and Bourges played to a 70-70 tie.

Roche [79]: Pouye 36/6r Clarke 12 Suarez 11/7a Mosqueda-Lewis 8 Geiselsoder 0/8r
Lattes Montpellier [73]: Badiane 15 Linskens 12/8r Bernies 12 Vanloo 12/6a Peters 8/12r

Charleville-Mezieres [79]: Milic 22/7r Fraser 19/6r Colley 13/6r Leslie 6 Tahane 2
Lyon [91]: Johannes 32 Gruda 16/6r Williams 14/7a Quevedo 12 Chartereau 10 Dietrick 5 Thomas 0 Jocyte 0

Angers [74]: Lacan 21 Bailey 17 Cornelie-Sigmundova 11 Jakubcova 3
Villeneuve-d’Ascq [103]: Burke 31 Smalls 21/7r/8a Djekoundade 13 Salaun 11 Hirsch 9 Ben Abdelkader 2

Landes [70]: Magarity 18 Fauthoux 14 Gil 11 Dumerc 7 Mann 2/6r Harmon 0
Bourges [70]: Astier 17/6a Alexander 15 Godin 12 Steinberga 8/12r Miyem 5 Wurtz 5


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