Overseas League Updates May 3rd

French League Playdowns Round 2

The double round-robin continued on Wednesday. Toulouse looked ready to pick up another win early, but Isabelle Yacoubou and Tarbes decided that it was the time to secure safety immediately and won 77-53. Landerneau has the momentum now after winning 72-60 at Saint-Amand to pull into a safe position.

Tarbes [77]: Yacoubou 23/11r Pardon 13/8r/9a Leite 13/6a Tadic 12/7r Foppossi 11
Toulouse [53]: Loyd 12 Bulgak 10 Lambert 5/9r/7a Sutherland 5

Saint-Amand [60]: Chidom 15/6r Limouzin 12 Stervinou 11 Kucowski 10
Landerneau [72]: Day 17/12r Hermida 17/8r Taylor 11/8r Hampton 10/6r Bremont 9/6r Trasi 4

1. Tarbes 6-2
2. Saint-Amand 5-3
3. Landerneau 3-5
4. Toulouse 2-6


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