South American League Group A May 4th-6th

Instead of adding these teams to our tracker, we will list out the players who qualify by team here:
Aguada (Uruguay): Camila Kirschenbaum, Binghamton (in 2024 WNBA Draft pool); Stephanie Madden, Langston [NAIA]; Genesis Rivera, Massachusetts
Quimsa (Argentina): No players meet criteria
Sportiva Italiana (Chile): No players meet criteria
Universitario San Simon (Bolivia): Alexus Johnson, Texas Southern

March 4

Santiago del Estero in Argentina hosted this group of four teams with the other group playing next week. Aguada of Uruguay fended off Chile’s Sportiva Italian 54-50 in Thursday’s opener. Sofia Acevedo paced the locals from Quimsa in a 70-41 win over Bolivia’s Universitario San Simon.|tab=boxscore
Aguada [54]: D’Urso 13 Zeballos 12 Herrera 11/9r Madden 9/9r Rivera 3 Kirschenbaum 0
Sportiva Italiana [50]: Perez 12 Gutierrez 11/6a|tab=boxscore
Quimsa [70]: Acevedo 22 Boquete 11/8r
Universitario San Simon [41]: Rodriguez 12 Johnson 0

March 5

The round-robin continued on Friday with a familiar story as Macarena D’Urso paced Aguada in a 58-44 win over Universitario San Simon. The top teams were decided quickly as Quimsa also advanced with an 89-67 win over Sportiva Italiana.|tab=boxscore
Universitario San Simon [44]: Johnson 19/11r
Aguada [58]: D’Urso 21/8r Madden 9/9r Kirschenbaum 8 Rivera 4|tab=boxscore
Sportiva Italiana [67]: Carrasco 16 Valde 13 Perez 13 Antezana 11 Gutierrez 10/6r
Quimsa [89]: Mungo 15/11r Boquete 15/9r/9a Fiorotto 14 D’Agostino 10

March 6

Neither team in Saturday’s first game had any chance of advancing, but both teams still went all out for the win as it took overtime for Paula Carrasco and Sportiva Italian to edge Romina Rodriguez and Universitario San Simon 77-74. The stakes were the opposite in the other game with both teams advancing and playing for seeding and that also turned out to be a fantastic game as Julieta Mungo and hosts Quimsa just got past Stephanie Madden and Aguada 58-57.|tab=boxscore
Sportiva Italiana [77]: Carrasco 24 Cardenas 16 Valde 14/10r/6a Perez 13/9r
Universitario San Simon [74]: Rodriguez 20/6s Johnson 16/6r Viscarra 14/15r Garcia 12 Herbas 10/10r|tab=boxscore
Quimsa [58]: Mungo 20
Aguada [57]: Madden 23 D’Urso 18/8s Rivera 10 Kirschenbaum 0

Standings: 1. Quimsa 3-0, 2. Aguada 2-1, 3. Sportiva Italiana 1-2, 4. Universitario San Simon 0-3


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