Overseas League Updates May 6th

French League Quarterfinals Game 2

All four series ended on Saturday starting with Janelle Salaun and Villeneuve-d’Ascq putting Angers out of their misery 82-58 for the biggest aggregate win 185-132. Only one home team won on the first day and Julie Vanloo and Lattes Montpellier worked hard to overturn the deficit that they faced and then had to withstand a late charge from Tima Pouye, Tiffany Clarke, and Roche and their 100-92 win was enough for a 173-171 aggregate win. Having not dealt with enough injuries in the regular season, Charleville-Mezieres lost more players ahead of a tough game and hosts Lyon rolled 85-47 for a 176-126 aggregate margin. The last game of the day came in the series where a seeding upset seemed possible with Landes in reasonably good form and trying to extend the career of a legend, but Bourges quickly untied the aggregate and an 86-59 win meant a 156-129 margin in their favor.

Villeneuve-d’Ascq [82]: Salaun 20/7r Diaby 12/6r Smalls 11/8r Burke 10/6r Hirsch 5
Angers [58]: Fofana 16/7r Lacan 16 Bailey 11/7r Cornelie-Sigmundova 5 Jakubcova 0
Villeneuve-d’Ascq advances 185-132

Lattes Montpellier [100]: Vanloo 21/8a Linskens 17 Peters 15/12r/9a Bernies 14 Badiane 13 Naigre 13
Roche [92]: Pouye 30/6r Clarke 23/6r Franchelin 18/7a Mosqueda-Lewis 2 Geiselsoder 0
Lattes Montpellier advances 173-171

Lyon [85]: Dietrick 13 Ciak 12/11r Williams 12 Johannes 10/7a Thomas 9 Jocyte 6 Gruda 4 Quevedo 3
Charleville-Mezieres [47]: Bouderra 12 Colley 8/6r Tahane 6 Leslie 5
Lyon advances 176-126

Bourges [86]: Alexander 18/10r Miyem 17 Godin 15 Steinberga 11/9r Anderson 7 Wurtz 0
Landes [59]: Djaldi-Tabdi 12 Paget 12 Dumerc 9 Magarity 8/7r Mann 7/6s Fauthoux 4
Bourges advances 156-129

French League Playdowns Round 3

The first extra round-robin was completed on Saturday and Pauline Lithard and Saint-Amand joined Tarbes in safety after a 69-64 win. The other game had much more important implications as Asia Taylor led Landerneau to a 79-69 win, leaving a very tough path for Toulouse to avoid the drop.

Saint-Amand [69]: Lithard 20 Stervinou 13 Chidom 12/10r Kucowski 6/9r
Tarbes [64]: Tadic 19/13r Ewodo 17 Leite 14 Foppossi 6

Landerneau [79]: Taylor 20/13r Day 13 Hermida 13/6a Hampton 12/8r Trasi 2
Toulouse [69]: Loyd 16/6r Lambert 14 Bulgak 11/7r Mangakahia 5/6a Sutherland 3/9r

1. Tarbes 6-3
2. Saint-Amand 6-3
3. Landerneau 4-5
4. Toulouse 2-7


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