Overseas League Updates May 7th

Spanish League Finals Game 2

The finals continued in Salamanca on Sunday with Avenida looking set to tie up the series early. Raquel Carrera and Valencia took no chances in the second half, roaring back and then dominating the final frame to win 81-69 and take the championship.

Avenida [69]: Dominguez 14 Prince 12 Fasoula 12 Carleton 11 Rodriguez 7 Reisingerova 6 Cazorla 4 Vilaro 3/7r Gulbe 0
Valencia [81]: Carrera 20/8r Cox 13 Ouvina 13 Gulich 9/7r Torrens 7 Burdick 2 Romero 2 Salvadores –
Valencia wins series 2-0

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