Overseas League Updates May 10th

French League Playdowns Round 4

The playdowns continued on Wednesday with the teams that already secured safety playing heavily into proceedings. Landerneau took advantage of Tarbes only playing six players to win 68-58. That result meant that Toulouse would need a win just to avoid dropping before the next round was complete. Saint-Amand also did not field a full strength team, letting Maud Stervinou put on a show and Toulouse stayed in the picture with a 90-78 win behind Aishah Sutherland. Even with the win, they could have their tenure in this division ended on Saturday if their counterparts win.

Tarbes [58]: Ewodo 17 Samson 16 Foppossi 7/6r
Landerneau [68]: Taylor 16/7r Hampton 14 Hermida 10 Day 9/12r Trasi 7

Saint-Amand [78]: Stervinou 35 Limouzin 17/6r Diakite 10/6r
Toulouse [90]: Sutherland 24 Lambert 16/7r/7a Brochant 12 Gueye 11/7r Loyd 11/8a Bulgak 7/7r

1. Tarbes 6-4
2. Saint-Amand 6-4
3. Landerneau 5-5
4. Toulouse 3-7


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