Overseas League Updates May 13th

French League Semifinals Game 2

Both series concluded on Saturday, starting with Kariata Diaby and Villeneuve-d’Ascq quickly extending the lead that they brought home with them, meaning that even Migna Toure bringing Lattes Montpellier closer with a 73-70 loss still left them short overall 148-130. Top seed Lyon got one key player back, but had to go without another one due to injury. They did not dent the deficit early, but made it close by halftime and Blake Dietrick’s brilliance helped them win 93-73, flipping the aggregate against Yvonne Anderson and Bourges to their favor 160-153. The finals will start on Wednesday and continue on Saturday.

Villeneuve-d’Ascq [73]: Diaby 20/8r Salaun 18 Smalls 15/8r Hirsch 8 Burke 6/6r
Lattes Montpellier [70]: Toure 21 Bernies 12 Peters 11/10r Linskens 11/9r
Villenueve-d’Ascq advances 148-130

Lyon [93]: Dietrick 23 Johannes 15 Chartereau 13 Quevedo 13 Jocyte 12 Gruda 11/8r Allemand 6/6a
Bourges [73]: Anderson 20 Miyem 13 Astier 11/6r Steinberga 7 Alexander 4 Wurtz 2
Lyon advances 160-153

French League Playdowns Round 5

Saturday was the critical day in this group, determining whether the last day of games would mean anything. Toulouse knew that they could not control the other game, but Noemie Brochant led them to an 80-60 win over Tarbes to at least avoid being sent down as a result of their game. Landerneau trailed early against a Saint-Amand team resting players again, but won 81-54 to not only secure their safety, but move from the last spot at the start of play to the top spot after this round.

Toulouse [80]: Brochant 20/7r/6a Strunc 13 Loyd 10 Bulgak 8 Lambert 6/13r/7a Sutherland 5
Tarbes [60]: Foppossi 18/9r Pardon 14/10a Ewodo 10

Landerneau [81]: Taylor 16/9r Macquet 16/6r Day 13/9r Hampton 13 Ngo Ndjock 11/7r Hermida 2 Trasi 0
Saint-Amand [54]: Limouzin 14/7r/6a Diakite 14 Stervinou 11/6r

1. Landerneau 6-5
2. Tarbes 6-5
3. Saint-Amand 6-5
4. Toulouse 4-7


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