South American League Group B May 11th-13th

Instead of adding these teams to our tracker, we will list out the players who qualify by team here:
Berazategui (Argentina): No players meet criteria
Bucaros (Colombia): Gabriela Chivata, Northeast Oklahoma A&M [JC]; Kai James, Florida State; Shay Murphy, Southern California
Indeportes Antioquia (Colombia): No players meet criteria
Union Deportiva Juvenil (Ecuador): No players meet criteria

May 11

After the other group was played last week, this group got underway in Medellin, Colombia on Thursday. The other Colombian team Bucaros played in the first game and had the two biggest name imports, but it took until late for them to edge Agustina Marin and Berazategui of Argentina. Host Antioquia welcomed Ecuador’s Union Deportiva Juvenil and built a lead going into halftime for a 66-49 win.
Bucaros [71]: Acosta 18 Coy 12/9r Murphy 11 James 10/8r Chivata 3
Berazategui [69]: Marin 23 Leiva 13/9r Santana 12/6r
Indeportes Antioquia [66]: Paz 13
Union Deportiva Juvenil [49]: Garrido 18 Caicedo 10/8r

May 12

The two winless teams met in the first game on Friday and Berazategui got on the board 53-32 against UDJ. The two Colombian teams played and the veteran presence of Shay Murphy helped Bucaros get the 69-61 win over Jenifer Munoz and Antioquia and be the first team to advance.|tab=boxscore
Berazategui [53]: Marin 14 Leiva 12/11r Jourdheuil 10/7r
Union Deportiva Juvenil [32]: Lasso 7|tab=boxscore
Bucaros [69]: Murphy 28/14r James 15/14r Delgado 12/8r Chivata 0
Indeportes Antioquia [61]: Munoz 28/7r C. Lopez 17

May 13

The first game on Saturday was a formality as UDJ could not pick up a win in their final game. Bucaros had already qualified, but still showcased their two big names Kai James and Shay Murphy in a 94-61 win. That set the stage for the game that would determine the last team to advance to the next stage and Berazategui had the lead early, but Jenifer Munoz and hosts Antioquia had the better of the second half to win 58-52 and put two Colombian teams through instead of making one semifinal an all-Argentine affair.|tab=boxscore
Union Deportiva Juvenil [61]: Lasso 12/7r Zurita 12/6r Guayaquil 10
Bucaros [94]: James 21/11r Murphy 21 Acosta 12 Delgado 10/6r Coy 10 Chivata 4|tab=boxscore
Indeportes Antioquia [58]: Munoz 23/15r C. Lopez 14/7r
Berazategui [52]: Leiva 16/9r Jourdheuil 13/8r

Standings: 1. Bucaros 3-0, 2. 2-1, 3. 1-2, 4. Union Deportiva Juvenil 0-3


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