Frequently Asked Questions on the Rankings (Updated)

By now, you’ve seen the college player rankings and are curious and want to know more about it, or have other questions so I compiled a list of all the questions and all of your answers are answered below.

1) What is the women’s college basketball player rankings all about exactly?

It’s a fun way to keep track of the best college players class by class to see who exactly is playing the best basketball of the season. It takes into account the best seniors, the best juniors, the best sophomores and the best freshmen. It’s similar to ESPNHoopGurlz, except it’s not for recruiting, and it’s a fun way to measure how these players could impact the WNBA in the future.

2) So, is the rankings like sort of a mock draft then?

No, it’s not a mock draft. I hardly ever do mock drafts just because drafting is difficult because every team has different needs, and a player who is better than another player may not get drafted in that higher position simply because a WNBA team doesn’t have a need for that position. These rankings are designed specifically to see who exactly is the best of the best in women’s college basketball and not to see where certain players would go to.

3) Why are you using the top 36, the top 27, the top 18, and the top 9 instead of top 10, top 20 etc?

In a WNBA draft, there are 36 spots and I wanted to put the top 36 seniors and I wanted a repetition for the rest of the classes. Therefore, I simply just used math and came up with 9×4 = 36. I divided the rest and voila! The top 36, the top 27, the top 18, and the top 9 were born!

4) This year is known as the Year of the Transfer. How come certain players are listed as juniors and not seniors, if there is a chance of them leaving next year?

It’s pure speculation as to whether or not certain players will come out and so therefore, I used their current class (redshirt juniors) to make my decision which ultimately affected a lot of great current juniors. If the player(s) make the decision to leave and announce it to the media, I will update and put them in the senior class.

5) So, are you advertising these rankings, or sponsoring, or partnering with others for these or are getting paid for these rankings?

Nope. This is all done for free. It’s for my pleasure and enjoyment. No school, no company is backing me. It’s just 100% all my hard work during my spare time. I hope you do enjoy them, as they can take a while to make and update!

6) Where can I contact you if I want you to consider another player or have questions on your rankings?

You can always leave a comment below on the rankings, and I will respond to you. Or, you can contact me via Twitter as my handle is @whoopsblogger. If you have any further queries, you can also send me a DM through my Twitter handle as mentioned above.

7) How exactly do you evaluate the players?

There are various factors that goes into evaluating players. As mentioned in many of my ranking posts, these are a week to week ranking. I make sure to look at the team, their strength of schedule, top 10 match ups, top 25 match ups, the top mid majors, etc. I am evaluating 30+ schools weekly.  From week to week, if a team has upset one of the top 25 teams, I make sure to add them in as well because that’s no easy feat. I try to make it fair and include as many players that people may not be aware of due to low media exposure that are really great.

8) You have a new addition to your rankings for this season. Can you explain what (+1) or (-3) or (NR) means?

I added these because people were requesting an easier way to track their players week by week. For example, if a player has (+3) assigned to their name, it just means they’ve moved up 3 spots from the previous week. Also, if a player has (-1) assigned to their name, it just means they’ve moved down a spot from the previous week. Finally, if a player has (NR) attached to their name, it means they were not ranked the previous week BUT it does NOT mean that they haven’t been on the rankings in other weeks.

9) When do you release the rankings?

Every Monday morning or afternoon. It depends on my work schedule.

That’s it for all of the FAQ. I’ll add more throughout the season if more questions come up.

– Aneela


  1. How do you leave a first team all SEC point guard who has started since she was a Freshmen off of your list of top 36 seniors?

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