FINAL 2018 WNBA Mock Draft

Diamond DeShields. Photo courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

Well, this is it. We have reached the final week. The WNBA Draft tips off THIS Thursday at 7 pm on ESPN2. Make sure you tune in and watch. As for me, this is the final 2018 WNBA Mock Draft you will get from this blog. Thank you everyone for your constant support through out all of these WNBA mock drafts. I have received over 2,500+ views on all three previous versions which is mind blowing. So again, THANK YOU! And I am wishing all those draftees good luck as well as to the draft invitees and may your future be forever changed.


  1. A’ja Wilson (F) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Kelsey Mitchell (G) – Indiana Fever
  3. Diamond DeShields (G/F) – Chicago Sky
  4. Azura Stevens (F) – Chicago Sky
  5. Jordin Canada (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Gabby Williams (F) – Dallas Wings
  7. Victoria Vivians (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Lexie Brown (G) – Indiana Fever
  9. Kia Nurse (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Maria Vadeeva (C) – New York Liberty
  11. Monique Billings (F) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Marie Gulich (C) – Phoenix Mercury


  1. Stephanie Mavunga (C) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Jaime Nared (F) – Indiana Fever
  3. Myisha Hines-Allen (F) – Connecticut Sun
  4. Jill Barta (F) – Atlanta Dream
  5. Ariel Atkins (G) – Minnesota Lynx
  6. Mercedes Russell (C) – Dallas Wings
  7. Tyler Scaife (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Loryn Goodwin (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Roshunda Johnson (F) – Phoenix Mercury
  10. Shakayla Thomas (G) – New York Liberty
  11. Tyra Buss (G) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Katelynn Flaherty (G) – Minnesota Lynx


  1. Brooke McCarty (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Natalie Butler (C) – Indiana Fever
  3. Vionise Pierre – Louis (C) – Atlanta Dream
  4. Morgan William (G) – Chicago Sky
  5. Rebecca Greenwell (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Lexi Bando (G) – Dallas Wings
  7. Carlie Wagner (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Gabbi Ortiz (G) – Las Vegas Aces
  9. Linnae Harper (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Maria Jespersen (F) – New York Liberty
  11. Kaylee Jensen (C) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Raisa Musina (C) – Minnesota Lynx


  1. I really hope Indiana reaches for one of the forwards, because I don’t want to see Amber Stocks’s head explode in real time if her choices are the player who wouldn’t listen to Geno or the player who bailed on Tennessee. Or both.

    And I still don’t think the Liberty are picking a foreign player. How much investment in the future can you do when you don’t know what your future is?

    1. True. I heard they are very interested in Ariel Atkins. But, so much could change. Your right in a sense of both Stevens and DeShields history, but I like to believe maybe a fresh new start helps. I will monitor them closely however.

  2. You did a great job picking the first round
    All your picks but one went in the first round. Do you think the Sky will regret not taking Stevens instead of WILLIAMS? I do.

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