Women’s College Basketball Final Overall Player Rankings for 2020/2021 – Class by Class!

Michaela Onyenwere of UCLA

This past season was one of the most unique and difficult for all women’s college basketball teams across the country as they dealt with Covid related postponements, cancellations, pauses and some teams ended their season early or had post season bans. Some teams were able to play 20+ games, others played a bit less because of what was stated above.

There is a set of criteria that I have used in my past four overall rankings from years past that I was not able to because it just wasn’t an even playing field this year. It was a bit tougher to put the list together than in the past. Week by week, I took the best women’s college basketball players that performed well, highlighted players that often don’t get the shine across Division I basketball.

One of the most common questions I get while doing the weekly rankings, is why is Player X ahead of Player Y when clearly Player X is the better player? Yes, while Player X maybe the overall better player, the rankings are week to week. Player Y had a great week in which they were outstanding or they defeated a top team, etc. It’s basically designed in such a way to highlight players that are outstanding and consistent week by week and if one or two weeks, Player Y was better than Player X, they will be ranked higher that week or weeks. I also look at the competition they face and adjust accordingly as well.

The preseason rankings can be found here. I’ve also listed the previous final lists, to compare whether players dropped, gotten better, or stayed consistent throughout the years.


  1. Michaela Onyenwere – UCLA
  2. Dana Evans – Louisville
  3. Aari McDonald – Arizona
  4. Rennia Davis – Tennessee
  5. Kysre Gondrezick – West Virginia
  6. Natasha Mack – Oklahoma State
  7. Chelsea Dungee – Arkansas
  8. N’dea Jones – Texas A&M
  9. Jasmine Walker -Alabama
  10. Kayla Jones – NC State
  11. Arella Guirantes – Rutgers
  12. Ciera Johnson – Texas A&M
  13. Selena Lott – Marquette
  14. Ali Patberg – Indiana
  15. Destiny Slocum – Arkansas
  16. Aaliyah Wilson – Texas A&M
  17. Kiana Williams – Stanford
  18. Jenna Staiti – Georgia
  19. Kiara Smith – Florida
  20. Mya Hollingshed – Colorado
  21. DiJonai Carrington – Baylor
  22. Gabby Connally – Georgia
  23. Kayla Wells – Texas A&M
  24. Amber Ramirez – Arkansas
  25. Jenn Wirth – Gonzaga
  26. Moon Ursin – Baylor
  27. Bethy Mununga – South Florida
  28. Chloe Bibby – Maryland
  29. Natalie Chou – UCLA
  30. Jill Townsend – Gonzaga
  31. Blanca Millan – Maine
  32. Lindsey Pulliam – Northwestern
  33. Erin Boley – Oregon
  34. Deja Church – DePaul
  35. Katie Benzan – Maryland
  36. Lore Devos – Colorado State

Just missed: Lauren Heard (TCU) and Nancy Mulkey (Rice)

Honourable mention: Brice Calip (Missouri State), Gina Conti (Wake Forest), Willow Duffell (Marist), Jenna Giacone (Dayton), Vivian Gray (Texas Tech), Aleah Goodman (Oregon State), Dora Goles (Idaho State), Petra Holesinka (North Carolina), Tylee Irwin (South Dakota State), Tiana Mangakahia (Syracuse), Kelsey Marshall (Miami), Que Morrison (Georgia), Hannah Nihill (Drexel), Ane Olaeta (California Baptist), Khayla Pointer (LSU), Ivana Raca (Wake Forest) and Jayla Thornton (Howard)


  1. Rhyne Howard – Kentucky
  2. Charli Collier – Texas
  3. Elissa Cunane – NC State
  4. Naz Hillmon – Michigan
  5. NaLyssa Smith – Baylor
  6. Ashley Joens – Iowa State
  7. Rae Burrell – Tennessee
  8. Shakira Austin – Ole Miss
  9. Christyn Williams – Connecticut
  10. Grace Berger – Indiana
  11. Nia Clouden – Michigan State
  12. Sonya Morris – DePaul
  13. Veronica Burton – Northwestern
  14. Destanni Henderson – South Carolina
  15. Myah Selland – South Dakota State
  16. Evina Westbrook – Connecticut
  17. Olivia Nelson -Ododa – Connecticut
  18. Morgan Jones – Florida State
  19. Kianna Smith – Louisville
  20. Victaria Saxton – South Carolina
  21. Lexi Hull – Stanford
  22. Leigha Brown – Michigan
  23. Lexi Held – DePaul
  24. Lotta Maj-Lahtinen – Georgia Tech
  25. Monika Czinano – Iowa
  26. Cate Reese – Arizona
  27. Jasmine Dickey – Delaware

Honourable mention: Jessika Carter (Mississippi State), Elizabeth Dixon (Louisville), Dorka Juhasz (Ohio State), Sydni Harvey (South Florida), Sam Haiby (Nebraska), Taya Hanson (Arizona State), Joanne Allen-Taylor (Texas) and Stephanie Visscher (Stephen F.Austin)


  1. Aliyah Boston – South Carolina
  2. Ashley Owusu – Maryland
  3. Zia Cooke – South Carolina
  4. Haley Jones – Stanford
  5. Charisma Osborne – UCLA
  6. Kierstan Bell – FGCU
  7. Maddy Siegrist – Villanova
  8. Lavender Briggs – Florida
  9. Jacy Sheldon – Ohio State
  10. Mackenzie Holmes – Indiana
  11. Diamond Miller – Maryland
  12. Elizabeth Kitley – Virginia Tech
  13. Nyara Sabally – Oregon
  14. Jakia Brown -Turner – NC State
  15. Dre’Una Edwards – Kentucky
  16. Jada Boyd – NC State
  17. Francesca Belibi – Stanford
  18. Rickea Jackson – Missisippi State


  1. Caitlin Clark – Iowa
  2. Paige Bueckers – Connecticut
  3. Charlisse Leger-Walker – Washington State
  4. Cameron Brink – Stanford
  5. Hailey Van Lith – Louisville
  6. Diamond Johnson – Rutgers
  7. Lexi Fleming – Bowling Green
  8. Olivia Cochran – Louisville
  9. Kamilla Cardoso – Syracuse and Aliyah Edwards – Connecticut

Just missed: Deja Kelly (North Carolina), Te-Hina Paopao (Oregon), Jaddan Simmons (Arizona State)



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