2024 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0

Hailey van Lith of Louisville.

It’s been one year since I released the first version of the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft. These players listed below are now sophomores and have a full year and a half of college experience. These players listed below will continue to grow from now until the end of the season. It will be intriguing to see them grow and develop for the rest of the season. With all that being said, the players listed below are the ones that would good on a WNBA roster by proving their worth throughout their sophomore season so far.

Because this draft will take place two years from now, we don’t know the correct order of WNBA teams who will be picking the draft picks. We also don’t know who will have the #1 overall pick. I will update this draft a year from now. Then I’ll update it again during 2024 when their WNBA Draft takes place.

Yesterday I released 2023 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0. Tomorrow, I will release the first ever version of the 2025 WNBA Mock Draft and that will conclude the WNBA mock drafts. It’s great to see the talent in women’s college basketball continue to get better and make some of these players WNBA-ready.

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  1. Caitlin Clark – Iowa
  2. Paige Bueckers – UConn
  3. Cameron Brink – Stanford
  4. Angel Reese – Maryland
  5. Hailey van Lith – Louisville
  6. Diamond Johnson – NC State
  7. Emily Ryan – Iowa State
  8. Deja Kelly – North Carolina
  9. Lexi Donarski – Iowa State
  10. Kamilla Cardoso – South Carolina
  11. Maddy Westbeld – Notre Dame
  12. Jewel Spear – Wake Forest


  1. Elena Tsineke – South Florida
  2. Jaz Shelley – Nebraska
  3. Shaylee Gonzales – BYU
  4. Taylor Jones – Oregon State
  5. Alyssa Ustby – North Carolina
  6. Sarah Andrews – Baylor
  7. Madison Scott – Ole Miss
  8. Charlisse Leger-Walker – Washington State
  9. Sasha Goforth – Arkansas
  10. Aaliyah Edwards – UConn
  11. Sydney Parrish – Oregon
  12. Skylar Vann – Oklahoma


  1. JerKaila Jordan – Mississippi State
  2. Yvonne Ejim – Gonzaga
  3. DeYona Gaston – Texas
  4. Ali Brigham – Penn State
  5. Abbey Hsu – Columbia
  6. Destinee Wells – Belmont
  7. Te-Hina Paopao – Oregon
  8. Tuti Jones – Belmont
  9. Darrione Rogers – DePaul
  10. Jaddan Simmons – Arizona State
  11. Anya Poole – North Carolina
  12. Aubrey Joens – Iowa State


  1. You have Tsineke listed in both 2024 and 2023, but in theory she and her sister went undrafted as internationals in 2019 and would then be WNBA free agents. Do you have any plans on including internationals in these?

    1. Yes, I will fix it. I will include internationals in the respective draft year, This is just designed to see which college players would go well on a WNBA roster. I can’t watch much international basketball due to my schedule, but I know women’s college basketball inside and out. No worries, international players will make the list when it is time.

  2. Why is Paige Bueckers listed in the 2024 Mock Draft? She will be eligible for the 2023 draft correct?

  3. Do you predict Paige Bueckers to be drafted in the 2023 draft or 2024 draft? I see she’s listed in the 2024 mock, but is eligible for the 2023, curious as to why that is? Thanks!

      1. Gotcha. Is that largely because of the NIL success she has had? Has she made comments that make it seem like she will return? Thanks for the info!!

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