2025 WNBA Mock Draft 1.0

Aneesah Morrow of DePaul

Today, we are concluding the WNBA Mock Drafts with the first ever version of the 2025 WNBA Mock Draft. Yesterday, I released 2024 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0 and two days before, 2023 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0

These players listed below are freshmen. They have started their college careers in a year where there so many cancellations and postponements because of the rise of Covid-19 and have had to adapt to so many changes in so little time. Being a freshmen in college is already hard, now imagine doing at a time when Covid-19 is still a pretty significant factor in daily life.

With all that being said, these players listed below have impressed enough early in their career to have a possible chance on a future WNBA roster. Because this draft takes place in 2025, I will have many versions. The second version will go live next year when these players are sophomores, the third version will go live two years after when they are juniors and the final version of this 2025 WNBA mock draft will go live during their draft year which is 3 years from now.

Because of this timeline, we do not know the correct order of the WNBA teams that will be picking first as well as of the rest of the correct order, and in 2025, I will update that with the correct information. I hope you have enjoyed these future WNBA mock drafts. They’re made so we can see what college players can be possible future WNBA players.

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  1. Aneesah Morrow – DePaul
  2. Olivia Miles – Notre Dame
  3. Shayeann Day-Wilson – Duke
  4. Talia van Oelhoffen – Oregon State
  5. Rori Harmon – Texas
  6. Sonia Citron – Notre Dame
  7. Jayda Curry – California
  8. Caroline Ducharme – UConn
  9. Serena Sundell – Kansas State
  10. Jenna Johnson – Utah
  11. Alexis Markowski – Nebraska
  12. Rayah Marshall – USC


  1. Iyana Moore – Vanderbilt
  2. Shyanne Sellers – Maryland
  3. Sara Puckett – Tennessee
  4. Matilda Ekh – Michigan State
  5. Makayla Timpson – Florida State
  6. Paige Meyer – South Dakota State
  7. Samara Spencer – Arkansas
  8. Adalia McKenzie – Illinois
  9. Leilani Kapinus – Penn State
  10. Esmeralda Morales – Portland State
  11. Mya Meredith – Western Kentucky
  12. Ja’Leah Williams – Miami


  1. Audrey Roden – Nevada
  2. Jada Walker – Kentucky
  3. Katie Dinnebier – Drake
  4. Elise Williams – Wake Forest
  5. Maria Gakdeng – Boston College
  6. Rhyle McKinney – Texas Tech
  7. Denae Carter – Mississippi State
  8. Alanna Micheaux – Minnesota
  9. Kyndall Hunter – Texas
  10. Kelbie Washington – Oklahoma
  11. Kiki Iriafen – Stanford
  12. Brooke Demetre – Stanford


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