2023 WNBA Mock Draft 2.0

Haley Jones of Stanford

It’s been one year since I last released the first version of the 2023 WNBA Mock Draft. These players listed below are juniors and have three years of experience now. They are seasoned and have gotten better than their previous two years.

Because this is next year’s WNBA Draft, we do not know the correct order of where the teams will be picking and we don’t know which WNBA teams will be on the clock. I will release another version in December or January 2023 with all of that information. This version of the 2023 WNBA Mock Draft looks at the best players from college who would look good on a WNBA roster.

Tomorrow, I will release the second version of the 2024 WNBA Mock Draft, and the day after, I will release the first ever version of the 2025 WNBA Mock Draft.

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  1. Aliyah Boston – South Carolina
  2. Haley Jones – Stanford
  3. Tamari Key – Tennessee
  4. Ashley Owusu – Maryland
  5. Ayoka Lee – Kansas State
  6. Aijha Blackwell – Missouri
  7. Zia Cooke – South Carolina
  8. Sydni Harvey – South Florida
  9. Jordan Horston – Tennessee
  10. Elizabeth Kitley – Virginia Tech
  11. Mackenzie Holmes – Indiana
  12. Charisma Osborne – UCLA


  1. Rickea Jackson – Missisippi State
  2. Diamond Miller – Maryland
  3. Dre’una Edwards – Kentucky
  4. Jacy Sheldon – Ohio State
  5. Sedona Prince – Oregon
  6. Celeste Taylor – Duke
  7. Laeticia Amihere – South Carolina
  8. Hayley Frank – Missouri
  9. McKenna Warnock – Iowa
  10. Sam Haiby – Nebraska
  11. Rebeka Mikulasikova – Ohio State
  12. Maddy Siegrist – Villanova


  1. Taylor Jones – Oregon State
  2. Samantha Brunelle – Virginia
  3. Jada Boyd – NC State
  4. Dyaisha Fair – Buffalo
  5. Lavender Briggs – Maryland
  6. Jordan Nixon – Texas A&M
  7. Quay Miller – Colorado
  8. Makayla Daniels – Arkansas
  9. Aliyah Matharu – Texas
  10. Kirsten Deans – West Virginia
  11. Jakia Brown-Turner – NC State
  12. Brea Beal – South Carolina



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