Israeli Cup Quarterfinals December 29th

All of the cup quarterfinals were played on Thursday. Maccabi Ramat Gan is still waiting to be back at full strength and a good game from Jillian Alleyne was not enough as Amy Okonkwo led Maccabi Haifa to a 94-66 win. Herzliya was able to prevail in the day’s closest game with the inside-outside combination of Briana Day and Promise Amukamara giving them the 84-83 edge even with Ramat Hasharon’s entire import trio of Alisia Jenkins, Charli Collier, and Jazmine Jones firing. Games have been tough enough for ASA Jerusalem without being down a player again as Teodora Turudic and Nikol Mihailetz tried to make up the difference against Natisha Hiedeman and Maccabi Ashdod, but the league leaders won 97-60. Elitzur Holon leaned heavily on their starters and Jennie Simms is creating quite the dynamic duo with Alex Harden as they won 83-76 over Alyssa Baron and Elitzur Ramla.
Maccabi Ramat Gan [66]: Alleyne 21/14r Brown 7/10a Abboud 0
Maccabi Haifa [94]: Okonkwo 32/16r Revahe 15 Hopkins 13/8r/8a Bulgak 10/7r
Bnot Herzliya [84]: Day 23/11r Amukamara 22/10a Zambrotta 16/7r Richardson 16/6r Shea 0
Ramat Hasharon [83]: Jenkins 22/9r Collier 20/7r Jones 19/7r Saar 9
Maccabi Ashdod [97]: Hiedeman 26/9r/7a Walker-Kimbrough 18/9r Brown 15/8r Edelman 13/14r Sahar 12/7r/6a Dayan 11 Cohen 2
ASA Jerusalem [60]: Turudic 22/9r/6a Mihailetz 20 Adams 4/7r
Elitzur Ramla [76]: Baron 22 Austin 18/17r Cannon 8/14r Babkina 8 Danan 6
Elitzur Holon [83]: Harden 26/7r Simms 20/22r/8a Hurt 16 Raber 14/9r Presley 7


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