Overseas League Updates December 31st

Australian League Round 8 December 28th-31st

The round started with a pair of Wednesday games and a good effort from Shaneice Swain was not enough for Canberra to pick up their first win as they fell to Southside 76-54. Anneli Maley grabbed another large number of rebounds in Bendigo’s 78-66 win over Stephanie Talbot and Adelaide. Canberra is running out of chances to record a win that is not a big upset and Shaneice Swain continued to be their main bright spot as they lost again to Shyla Heal, Keely Froling, and Sydney 81-70 on Friday though they presumably at least wore the correct uniforms. The two teams on the outside of the playoff picture that still harbor realistic dreams of cracking the top half met with Chloe Bibby pacing Perth in an 82-72 win over Jacinta Monroe and Adelaide. Melbourne was closer to full strength on Saturday as Tiffany Mitchell led them past Stephanie Reid and Townsville 87-77.

December 28

Southside Flyers [76]: Blicavs 14 Thornton 13/6r Rocci 11/10r Jackson 9 Ernst 8 Bishop 2/6r Pineau 0 Hollingsworth 0
Canberra Capitals [54]: Swain 22 Munger 15 Melbourne 10 Burrell 2 Tonks 2 Smart 0

Adelaide Lightning [66]: Talbot 21/10r/6a Borlase 11 Batish 11 Whittle 6/8r Mansfield 6 Simons 0 Coleman 0
Bendigo Spirit [78]: Maley 19/24r Griffin 15/11r A. Wilson 15 Froling 11/9r McKay 11

December 30

Sydney Flames [81]: Heal 26/6r/7a Froling 21/13r Willoughby 12 Mangakahia 10 Clarke 8 Sjerven 0 Panousis 0 Maenpaa 0
Canberra Capitals [70]: Swain 21 Burrell 15 Munger 13 Bunton 11/8r Melbourne 8 Schwagmeyer-Belger 0 Smart 0 Tonks 0

Perth Lynx [82]: Bibby 25/9r Atwell 14/8r Scherf 11/14r/8a Whitcomb 11 Sharp 10/6r Ryan 9/6r Clinch Hoycard 0
Adelaide Lightning [72]: Monroe 23/10r Talbot 12/10r/8a Whittle 12/6r Mansfield 11 Simons 5

December 31

Townsville Fire [77]: Reid 21 Ruef 17/10r Nicholson 14 Hawkins 9/9r Woods 6 Gaze 3 Samuelson 0 Leger-Walker 0
Melbourne Boomers [87]: Mitchell 22 Wallace 18/7a George 16/8r Nelson-Ododa 11/7r Goodchild 6 Davidson 5/7r Brewster 0

1. Melbourne 9-1
2. Bendigo 8-1
3. Southside 7-3
4. Townsville 5-3
5. Perth 4-5
6. Sydney 3-7
7. Adelaide 3-8
8. Canberra 0-11

Turkish League Round 13th December 30th-31st

The halfway point of the regular season was reached with the last round of the year and Friday opened with Alexis Prince and Busra Akbas leading Hatay to a 77-67 win. Kayla McBride and Alina Iagupova helped Fenerbahce bounce back from midweek disappointment with a 100-72 win over Reshanda Gray and severely shorthanded Orman. Botas had an easy 70-52 win over Rize. Monique Billings and Besiktas continued to rally, taking advantage of Bursa being in the middle of a crisis to cruise past Ferda Yildiz and company 104-64. Kamile Nacickaite and Galatasaray won 76-57 over Chelsea Nelson and Nesibe Aydin to sit alone in third place. Cankaya University grabbed the last cup spot on Saturday with a 74-68 win over Keyona Hayes and Kayseri. Tiffany Hayes led them in scoring and Chelsea Gray recorded a triple-double as Cukurova continued to be all alone in first place after a 91-60 win over Feyonda Fitzgerald and Antalya.

December 30

Hatay [77]: Prince 25/11r Akbas 21/6r/7a Sventoraite 12/11r Basaran 10
Emlak Konut [67]: Fields 15/6r Lavender 15/10r Caglar 15 Walker 11

Orman [72]: Gray 30/8r Gezgin 15 Erat 11 Ozelci 8/6r
Fenerbahce [100]: McBride 25/8r Iagupova 21/7a Meesseman 15/6a Onar 13 Sacalir 12 Stokes 4/8r

Rize [52]: Ozcan 18 Sherrill 14/18r Ustun 11 Benson 5/11r Morgan 0
Botas [70]: Uzun 18/7a McCall 14/14r Gulcan 12/7r Macaulay 10/10r

Besiktas [104]: Billings 24/9r Reimer 17/9r Evans 16/12a Bayram 13
Bursa [64]: Yildiz 23 Kavurmacioglu 15/7r Uca 10

Galatasaray [76]: Nacickaite 21 McCowan 16/8r Stevens 15/6r Canitez 5 Tanacan 0
Nesibe Aydin [57]: Nelson 21/9r Hempe 18/8r Thomas 9/6a

December 31

Cankaya Universitesi [74]: Zellous 18/9r Harris 18/8a Egbo 16/8r Ugur 16 Yalcinkaya 0 Turk 0
Kayseri [68]: Hayes 26/13r Weaver 18 Sarauskaite 10/10r

Antalya [60]: Fitzgerald 23/6r/7a Hillsman 17/8r
Cukurova [91]: Hayes 22/6r Hollingsworth 18 Gray 11/10r/11a Atas 11

1. Cukurova 12-1
2. Fenerbahce 11-2
3. Galatasaray 10-3
4. Nesibe Aydin 9-4
5. Emlak Konut 8-5
6. Botas 8-5
7. Hatay 6-7
8. Cankaya Universitesi 5-8
9. Besiktas 5-8
10. Orman 4-9
11. Kayseri 4-9
12. Antalya 4-9
13. Bursa 4-9
14. Rize 1-12


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