Overseas League Updates February 20th

Polish League Round 19 February 18th-20th

This round started on Saturday and there is a lot of jostling for playoff positioning as Sug Sutton led Poznan to a 79-68 win over Arka Gdynia. Katarina Zec and Lublin won 95-67 against Magdalena Parysek-Bochniak and Pruszkow in the next game. Batabe Zempare had a good game for Zaglebie Sosnowiec on Sunday, but Polkowice won 82-57. Bydgoszcz could not keep up their sudden momentum, losing to Polonia Warszawa 78-50. Alanna Smith and Gorzow finished the round on Monday with a 101-50 win over Torun.

February 18

Poznan [79]: Sutton 22/7r Dodson 18/8r Popovic 17 Skobel 12
Arka Gdynia [68]: Kastanek 29 Higgins 6 Fontaine 5 Zivaljevic 4 Vuckovic 4

Pruszkow [67]: Parysek-Bochniak 23/8r Papiernik 16
Lublin [95]: Zec 24 Taylor 19/9r Ziemborska 15 Stanacev 11/7a Mack 8/8r

February 19

Zaglebie Sosnowiec [57]: Zempare 29/12r Mistinova 11/6r/6a Dornstauder 8/11r
Polkowice [82]: Telenga 19/10r Banaszak 18 Wheeler 9/7a Spanou 7/6r

Bydgoszcz [50]: Michalek 17/7r Krupa 10/7r
Polonia Warszawa [78]: Keys 14/10r Leszczynska 14/7r Vintsilaiou 12 Stepien 11 Jackson 4

February 20

Torun [50]: Jones 14 Grays 13 Adebayo 4
Gorzow [101]: Smith 28/10r Horvat 18/7r Wadoux 14 Senyurek 13/6r Allen 8/10r/14a

Israeli League Round 16 February 20th

Neither team was at full strength in the big game to start a partial round on Monday and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Maccabi Ashdod had the lead early, but Emma Cannon and Elitzur Ramla had the better of the rest of the game to win 72-66 and hand the visitors their first loss. Brittany Brown and Jillian Alleyne were excellent for Maccabi Ramat Gan, but Kaila Charles and Hapoel Rishon Lezion left with a 77-72 win. The recent good story of ASA Jerusalem continued with Danielle Adams leading them past Promise Amukamara and Herzliya 78-69. Jazmine Jones was incredible and had help from Alisia Jenkins in Ramat Hasharon’s 98-89 win over Jennie Simms, Courtney Hurt, and Elitzur Holon.

Elitzur Ramla [72]: Cannon 24/7r Austin 17/14r/6a Baron 12/8r Clark 5/6r Danan 3 Fleischer 2
Maccabi Ashdod [66]: Walker-Kimbrough 25/12r Hiedeman 15/6r Dayan 8 Cohen 7/6r Sahar 7 Edelman 4/6r

Maccabi Ramat Gan [72]: Brown 25/10r/8a Alleyne 20/19r Nared 10/6r Abboud 0
Hapoel Rishon Lezion [77]: Charles 21/11r/7a Hooper 17/11r Zipel 11/8a Simon 10/7r

ASA Jerusalem [78]: Adams 23/20r Wurtz 17/11r Turudic 17/6s
Bnot Herzliya [69]: Amukamara 21/8r/7a Day 17/13r Richardson 9/8r Zambrotta 6 Shea 0

Ramat Hasharon [98]: Jones 31 Jenkins 22/12r/7a Collier 19/10r Saar 14 Deluty 0
Elitzur Holon [89]: Simms 24/9r/9a Hurt 24 Presley 15 Raber 13 Harden 13

World of Basketball


The last two games postponed by the pandemic in Japan were played this weekend with the rest of the teams still on break and Iris swept the two games over the Rabbits to stay in third place by three games as four more weekends of play remain. Another full week of play in South Korea started on Wednesday with Hana Bank recording a rare win 82-69 over the Stars. Woori Bank kept the distance between themselves and rest of the field with a 72-59 win over the Blue Minx on Thursday. The S-Birds held their spot with a 68-55 win over the Stars on Friday. Park Ji-Hyun grabbed 20 rebounds in Saturday in a 69-44 Woori Bank win over Hana Bank. BNK defeated the S-Birds 73-61 on Sunday to avoid falling too far behind. The Blue Minx ended the week with a 70-59 win over the Stars on Monday.


The last two spots in the conference semifinals were determined on Wednesday. Rocamora edged Pacifico 59-58 in the South while it was a little bit easier for Olimpico in the North with a 52-40 win over Riachuelo. They join the other six teams for the next round starting next weekend.


It was another two game week in North Tasmania with plenty of big games by individuals. Olivia West had 34 points for Somerset in a win over Wynyard, which got 36 points from Ionna McKenzie. Ulverstone had a surprise lead on Devonport after one quarter, but still found themselves doubled up at the end of the game. Burnie needed 43 points from Mariah Payne to edge Latrobe. Ionna McKenzie went even further on Friday with 37 points and 27 rebounds in a win over Latrobe, which got 30 points from Sarah O’Neill. The two winless teams met and 33 points from Ice Young helped Smithton pull away for an 83-60 win over Ulverstone.

Around Europe

Riga Stradins University is still undefeated in the Baltic League after surviving 35 points from Tyra Buss to win in overtime. Laura Okuneva had 10 steals in their reserve team’s game in Latvia. In Lithuania’s second division, Gintare Buskeviciute had a triple-double for the leaders. Dragana Zivkovic had 27 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists and added 8 steals for Buducnost as they stay tied for the lead in the Adriatic. Buducnost also picked up a trophy this week with an easy pair of wins to grab the domestic cup. Khadija Brown Haywood had 32 points to help Bashkimi win the cup in Kosovo. The cup quarterfinals were played as well, but the biggest shock in British basketball was certainly London Lions losing to Caledonia Gladiators 68-67. Anagennisi Germasogias had an easy win in the final of the cup in Cyprus. In league play, Hailey Leidel had 34 points in AEL Limassol’s win.

Chase for Promotion

Ferrol picked up another game in the loss column on the rest of the field in Spain’s second division. In Serbia’s second division, Topolcanka needed 31 points from Tamara Jokic and 30 points from Sladana Radulovic to get an overtime win. Natasa Bucevac had 33 points and then 30 points as the league resumed with two rounds of games. There has not been movement in the standings in Italy’s second division, but Alex Obouh Fegue did grab 23 rebounds this week while Debora Gonzalez had a 30 point game. In Iceland’s second division, Madison Sutton had a 12 point, 22 rebound, 11 assist triple-double and Violet Morrow had 31 points. Jill Townsend had 30 points in France’s second division, but Reims lost to Mondeville, which is hoping for a dramatic climb to safety in the second half of the season.

Notable Individual Performances

It was a busy week in Ukraine and Victoria Bogachenko had 31 points in each game, but her team could not pull off a win. Anzhelika Liashko was close to a quadruple-double, but had to settle for a 10 steal game and then the week ended with Kseniya Afanasyeva scoring 31 points in a loss. Pully let their stars try to keep up with Fribourg in Switzerland, but 33 point games from both Maria Mongomo and Tylar Bennett was not close to enough. Also scoring 33 points was Tayler Bennett in Norway. After two more rounds of games, Aquira DeCosta continued to lead Sweden in scoring and rebounding, highlighted by a 24 rebound game. Dunja Zecevic had 32 points in an easy win in Serbia while Neven Rosic had a 33 point effort and then Marina Karalic had a 32 point, 25 rebound game to end the week. There were some impressive statlines in Luxembourg including 33 points from Martha Burse, 36 points from Kierra Anthony, and 42 points from Mikayla Ferenz in a tough overtime loss. Laina Mesila-Kaarmann grabbed 22 rebounds to secure a narrow win for her team in Estonia. In Finland, Tera Reed had a 48 point game and Lotta Vehka-Aho reached the 41 point mark. In the Czech Republic, Brionna Jones had 37 points in one game and then had 32 points in the next game. Milena Radjenovic had a 31 point game in the Bosnian league even though her team got doubled up 112-56. Nina Krisper continued her streak in Austria with a 34 point game.

Every game in Iceland had a big statline on Sunday as Daniela Wallen opened the day with a triple-double. The next game was noteworthy enough for finishing 109-104 in regulation before accounting for Brittany Dinkins scoring 46 points only for Fjolnir to fall short against Valur. Aliyah Collier scored 33 points, but her team also lost. Rosa Pettursdottir poured in 30 points. Armenia also had more impressive statlines. Shelle Daniels had 30 points in one game, Akeema Richards had a 31 point, 12 steal outing in the next game, and then Seda Gabrielyan hit the 32 point mark.


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