EuroCup Quarterfinals Game 2 March 1st-2nd

Two series concluded on Wednesday and the other two series concluded on Thursday. 13 seed Galatasaray already had a healthy lead on 21 seed Sedis and Teaira McCowan helped them win again 75-65 for a final margin of 161-126. An even larger starting margin in the next game meant that it had quite an exhibition vibe going with Briann January playing for the last time for now in 19 seed Lyon’s 71-60 win over 6 seed Angers for a 159-118 final scoreline. For the first time in a while, top seed Reyer had close to their full roster on Thursday and that helped them pull out a third straight series win after trailing at home, controlling the fourth quarter for a 59-48 win and flipping the script on 9 seed Elitzur Ramla to advance 134-128. Leonie Fiebich and 2 seed Zaragoza left it a little too late to start cutting into the deficit so a 65-56 win still left them short 140-133 and Kamiah Smalls and 7 seed Villeneuve-d’Ascq advanced to make it two French teams on one side of the bracket.

March 1|tab=boxscore
(13) Galatasaray [75]: McCowan 20/16r Jurjane 13 Stevens 12/11r Prince 5 Nacickaite 4 Canitez 3
(21) Sedis [65]: Tunstull 14/6r Bahi 12 Kovacevic 12 Watts 10 Raventos 8 Brotons 2 Strautmane 0
Galatasaray advances 161-126|tab=boxscore
(6) Angers [60]: Bailey 15/7r Fofana 10 Peterson 10/7r Cornelie-Sigmundova 9/6r Jakubcova 2
(19) Lyon [71]: Chartereau 18 Gruda 11 January 9 Johannes 8 Jocyte 6 Quevedo 4 Williams 3/7r/8a Dietrick 2 Allemand 2
Lyon advances 159-118

March 2|tab=boxscore
(1) Reyer Venezia [59]: Shepard 14/15r Kuier 12 Villa 11/6a Santucci 8 Pan 0 Cubaj 0
(9) Elitzur Ramla [48]: Austin 13/14r Clark 13/9r Babkina 5 Baron 3 Lucet 0
Reyer Venezia advances 134-128|tab=boxscore
(2) Zaragoza [65]: Fiebich 20/10r Gimeno 14 Gatling 10/10r Geldof 5 Grande 2 Tate 0 Alonso de Armino 0
(7) Villeneuve-d’Ascq [56]: Smalls 20/6r Djekoundade 13 Burke 9 Ben Abdelkader 2
Villeneuve-d’Ascq advances 140-133


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