EuroLeague Round 14 March 1

Group A:

All the games in the final round of play were on Wednesday and the changes this season meant a lot of games with nothing on the line, like Zala Friskovec and Polkowice’s 94-76 win over Sydney Wallace and Szekszard. USK Praha defeated Virtus Bologna to finish in second place. Kayla Alexander and Bourges had faint hopes of moving up a spot and played Fenerbahce pretty tough, but lost 90-79. Valencia took care of business with a 65-55 win over Olympiacos, which got one last big game from Megan Gustafson before their focus shifts domestically.|tab=boxscore
Szekszard [76]: Wallace 20 Miklos 17 Goree 16 Krnjic 12
Polkowice [94]: Friskovec 24 Banaszak 15/9r Spanou 15 Wheeler 15/12a Gertchen 12 Telenga 10|tab=boxscore
USK Praha [71]: Jones 17/10r Vukosavljevic 14 Conde 12 Thomas 8/14r/9a Vorackova 2 Fagbenle 0
Virtus Bologna [50]: Rupert 13/9r Orsili 12 Parker 6/7r Laksa 6|tab=boxscore
Bourges [79]: Alexander 24/13r Steinberga 14 Anderson 13/6a Guapo 11/6a
Fenerbahce [90]: Stewart 18/11r Meesseman 17/6r/7a McBride 17/6s Sabally 14/6r Vandersloot 9/6a Cakir 2 Raca 2 Stokes 2|tab=boxscore
Valencia [65]: Salvadores 15 Cox 12/6r Romero 10/6a Burdick 10 Carrera 7 Gulich 4
Olympiacos [55]: Gustafson 22/10r Stamolamprou 11 Ayuso 10/7r Shook 2

1. Fenerbahce 12-2
2. USK Praha 10-4
3. Valencia 9-5
4. Bourges 8-6
5. Polkowice 8-6
6. Virtus Bologna 5-9
7. Szekszard 3-11
8. Olympiacos 1-13

Group B:

The first game of the day was in this group in Mersin as Cukurova was once again not all that convincing, but a 69-62 win over Lisa Berkani and Mechelen was enough to clinch the top spot. A meaningless game had Landes do enough in the second half for a 72-63 win over DVTK. League rivals squared off in the biggest game of the day and Avenida defeated Rebekah Gardner and Girona 74-63 after winning their weekend clash to advance. That allowed defending champions Sopron to back into the last spot even after losing to Marina Mabrey and Schio 81-50.|tab=boxscore
Cukurova [69]: Hayes 19 Williams 14/7r Cornelius 12 Gray 8 Hollingsworth 0
Mechelen [62]: Berkani 20/7a Morrison 12/13r Bertsch 12/9r|tab=boxscore
Landes [72]: Paget 16 Magarity 13/10r Dumerc 13/6a Roumy 11 Fauthoux 2
DVTK [63]: Bernath 17/8r Grigalauskyte 17/8r Guirantes 9 Green 4 Aho 4|tab=boxscore
Avenida [74]: Onyenwere 13/7r Vilaro 13 Carleton 11/6r Cazorla 9/6a Rodriguez 7 Fasoula 6/6r Reisingerova 6 Nogic 5 Gulbe 0
Girona [63]: Gardner 22 Murphy 9 Sykes 8 Tolo 8 Flores 6|tab=boxscore
Schio [81]: Mabrey 23/9r Howard 17 Keys 12/8r Ndour-Fall 11/6r Mestdagh 5/7r
Sopron [50]: Brooks 13 Magbegor 11/10r Turner 5 Stankovic 0 Hatar 0

1. Cukurova 10-4
2. Schio 10-4
3. Avenida 9-5
4. Sopron 8-6
5. Girona 7-7
6. DVTK 6-8
7. Landes 4-10
8. Mechelen 2-12

Fenerbahce vs. Sopron
Schio vs. Valencia
USK Praha vs. Avenida
Cukurova vs. Bourges


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