Overseas League Updates April 18th

Hungarian League Finals Game 2

Gyor hosted on Tuesday with the goal of avoiding falling into a bigger hole in the series, but absolute heroics from Aaryn Ellenberg-Wiley were not enough. Sopron had the greater depth and won 94-82 behind Jelena Brooks and Yvonne Turner, giving themselves the chance to sweep at home on Friday.

Gyor [82]: Ellenberg-Wiley 37 Williams 10
Sopron [94]: Brooks 23/10r Turner 21 Fegyverneky 15 Magbegor 12/6r Stankovic 2
Sopron leads series 2-0

Turkish League Semifinals Game 1

There was no rest for Fenerbahce as Turkey continued to race towards the completion of their season as fast as possible. Teaira McCowan and their great rivals Galatasaray were hoping to catch them in the middle of a hangover on Tuesday. While it was close in the first half, Kayla McBride helped the hosts pull away for an 84-60 win and they now get ready to visit the other side of Istanbul to seek a sweep on Thursday.

Fenerbahce [84]: McBride 27 Stewart 15/6r Aydin 14 Meesseman 10/9r/9a Cakir 8 Stokes 3/8r
Galatasaray [60]: McCowan 20/12r Stevens 13 Nacickaite 8 Prince 5


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