Overseas League Updates April 19th

Italian League

Semifinals Game 1 April 18th-19th

One semifinals series started on Tuesday and Sesto San Giovanni was looking for an even bigger upset, but Bologna won the opener 64-49. The other series started on Wednesday and Venezia looked set to pick up a win after a good rest period against a team coming off two tough games, but Schio completed a massive fourth quarter comeback to prevail 63-59 avoid losing at home. Both series continue Saturday with home teams needing wins to extend their seasons.

Bologna [64]: Dojkic 18/6s Parker 12 Rupert 10/16r Zandalasini 7/7r Laksa 7
Sesto San Giovanni [49]: Moore 15/10r Trucco 13/8r Panzera 10 Holmes 2

Schio [63]: Keys 15/6r Mestdagh 14/6r Mabrey 13 Howard 0
Venezia [59]: Kuier 19/8r Shepard 12 Santucci 4 Cubaj 2 Pan 0

Playout Finals Game 1

This series started on Wednesday with each team looking to get two wins to stay in this division. Marzia Tagliamento led Moncalieri in a decisive 80-49 win. San Giovanni Valdarno must now win two games in a row, starting at home on Sunday.

Moncalieri [80]: Tagliamento 25 Mitchell 17 Katshitshi 13/6r Westbeld 8 Sagerer 2
San Giovanni Valdarno [49]: Garrick 15 Tassinari 11 Krivacevic 11 Whitted 0

Hungarian League

Playoffs Game 2

All series other than the championship continued on Wednesday with teams trying to end their seasons on a winning note or to extend their seasons to one deciding game. Sydney Wallace kept Szekszard in the race for the bronze medal with a 64-62 win over Arella Guirantes and DVTK. Jazmon Gwathmey and Virag Kiss helped PEAC secure the consolation championship with a 65-54 win over MTK. Vasas finished in 7th place after a 76-66 win over Morgan Green and BEAC.

Szekszard [64]: Wallace 21 Dudasova 13 Goree 11/6r Krnjic 2
DVTK [62]: Guirantes 20/11r Bernath 13/6r Aho 12
Series tied 1-1

MTK [54]: Pusztai 17 Manis 9/7r Hegedus 6
PEAC [65]: Gwathmey 26/9r Kiss 20/10r Calhoun 3
PEAC wins series 2-0

Vasas [76]: Pardee 19/7r Nunn 14/7r Smailbegovic 13/10a
BEAC [66]: Green 21/7r Koch 14 Vojtulek 10/8r
Vasas wins series 2-0

Playout Game 5

The penultimate games for these teams were played on Wednesday with teams mostly just playing out the string at this point. Janka Gyongyosi led Csata to a 107-54 win over Cegled. Pecsi was tantalizingly close to at least grabbing a win, but Dominique McBryde made sure it was not at Szigetszentmiklos’s expense and they held on to a 71-68 victory.

Cegled [54]: Rakita 13/10r Viszmeg 11 Laufer 10
Csata [107]: Gyongyosi 21 Jahni 18 Horvath 16/10a Szabo 14 Barnai 10/6r R. Toman 10

Pecsi [68]: Horvath 19 Kovacs 17/12r
Szigetszentmiklos [71]: McBryde 21/6r Katona 14/7r Szabo 13 Vari 10

1. Csata 13-14
2. Szigetszentmiklos 9-18
3. Cegled 4-23
4. Pecsi 0-27

French League Round 21

The second to last round of games was played on Wednesday with teams still jostling for critical placement in the standings and trying to integrate their last medical joker signings into the team before the games that matter most. Alexis Peterson was absolutely brilliant in lifting Angers above Charleville-Mezieres after a 92-62 win. Young Carla Leite put on a show after her birthday to lead Tarbes to a 74-69 win over Roche that could have sealed both teams’ postseason fates. Toulouse’s rally attempt came way too late even with their latest roster move and Villeneuve d’Ascq kept their top seed hopes alive with an 84-81 win. Lattes Montpellier was impressive in an 87-47 win over Saint-Amand. Bourges nearly stumbled even with a good game from Yvonne Anderson and a new player, edging Briana Day and Landerneau, which was also able to bring in another player, 77-75. Having captured a trophy recently, Lyon has their eyes on two more, but they either dropped the ball or were trying to hide tactics ahead of their matchup for the cup title on Saturday, possibly handing Landes a psychological edge after their 62-60 win.

Charleville-Mezieres [62]: Milic 17 Fraser 16/8r Chevaugeon 14 Colley 6 Vivians 3 Tahane 2
Angers [92]: Peterson 39/6r/11a Elenga 14/7r Bailey 13/6r Jakubcova 8 Cornelie-Sigmundova 4/6r

Tarbes [74]: Leite 22 Samson 16 Yacoubou 13/9r Foppossi 5/6r
Roche [69]: Clarke 18/6r Suarez 13/9r Mosqueda-Lewis 8 Geiselsoder 2

Villeneuve-d’Ascq [84]: Burke 15 Diaby 14 Ben Abdelkader 14 Diallo 12 Smalls 11 Hirsch 4
Toulouse [81]: Bulgak 18/12r Loyd 18 Mangakahia 11/6a Sutherland 5/6r Lambert 5/6a

Saint-Amand [47]: Kucowski 12/7r Thompson 6 Chidom 2
Lattes Montpellier [87]: Vanloo 19 Linskens 14 Naigre 12 Peters 11/6r/8a Toure 10

Bourges [77]: Anderson 27/9a Steinberga 12/9r Miyem 8 Alexander 7/7r Wurtz 6
Landerneau [75]: Day 23/14r Taylor 18/8r Hermida 13 Hampton 4/6r/6a Trasi 0

Lyon [60]: Johannes 15 Chartereau 12 Quevedo 10 Gruda 9/9r Williams 4/6r Jocyte 4 Dietrick 0 Thomas 0
Landes [62]: Magarity 10/8r Dumerc 7 Fauthoux 4 Harmon 4 Mann 2

1. Lyon 17-4
2. Villeneuve-d’Ascq 17-4
3. Bourges 16-5
4. Lattes Montpellier 16-5
5. Landes 10-11
6. Angers 9-12
7. Charleville-Mezieres 9-12
8. Tarbes 8-13
9. Roche 8-13
10. Saint-Amand 8-13
11. Toulouse 5-16
12. Landerneau 3-18


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