Overseas League Updates April 23rd

Turkish League Finals Game 2

Both teams had a quick turnaround for the second game in a row in Mersin. Fenerbahce tweaked their lineup for the first time in a while in domestic play, but it was the same story as the day before as they pulled away in the second half for an 83-76 win with Breanna Stewart leading the way. Cukurova has a tough task now when they head to Istanbul on Tuesday to try to extend their season.

Cukurova [76]: Gray 15/9a Hayes 14 Williams 12 Fitik 11 Atas 11
Fenerbahce [83]: Stewart 26/6r Meesseman 19/10r Sabally 14 Onar 13 Cakir 8/6a Stokes 0
Fenerbahce leads series 2-0

Spanish League Quarterfinals Game 2

All four series concluded on Sunday, starting with the traditional early game in Zaragoza, and the hosts quickly wiped out their deficit against Gernika, winning 64-52 to flip the aggregate to their favor 133-127. Top seed Valencia started with a narrow lead, but crushed Estudiantes 77-35 for a massive 135-91 overall win. Barcelona trailed on the road, but overturned their deficit early. Girona got back into the aggregate lead in the second half, but Ainhoa Lopez helped the visitors win 66-59 to finish a massive 116-115 upset for the league newcomers. Avenida basically ended the series in the first game and cruised again 82-56 for the biggest margin of the round against Sedis, rolling 174-101.

Zaragoza [64]: Ortiz 18 Grande 13 Gatling 9/7r Fiebich 7/8r Tate 4 Geldof 4 Gimeno 2 Alonso de Armino 0
Gernika [52]: Wojta 17/8r Buch 12 Silva 2
Zaragoza advances 133-127

Valencia [77]: Salvadores 14 Cox 13 Romero 11 Torrens 11 Gulich 3 Burdick 2/10r Carrera 0
Estudiantes [35]: Fingall 9 Mollenhauer 3
Valencia advances 135-91

Girona [59]: Labuckiene 15/7r Gardner 14 Sykes 14 Murphy 3 Flores 2 Muhate 0
Barcelona [66]: Lopez 20 Rakovic 13 Cruz 9 Anderson 8 Hamblin 6/12r
Barcelona advances 116-115

Avenida [82]: Fasoula 13 Carleton 12 Prince 10 Gulbe 9/9r Nogic 8 Cazorla 5/6a Rodriguez 5 Vilaro 5 Reisingerova 4/8r Onyenwere 4
Sedis [56]: Raventos 9 Tunstull 8 Watts 8 Strautmane 5 Brotons 2
Avenida advances 174-101

Italian League Playout Finals Game 2

San Giovanni Valdarno needed a win at home on Sunday to stay in the division. Chelsea Mitchell and Moncalieri made sure that they would avoid the drop without the need for another game, winning 81-63.

San Giovanni Valdarno [63]: Krivacevic 17 Garrick 15 Tassinari 13 Paulsson Glantz 7
Moncalieri [81]: Mitchell 20/6r Tagliamento 18/8r Westbeld 15/6r Reggiani 13 Sagerer 11
Moncalieri win series 2-0

Israeli League Finals Game 4

Maccabi Ashdod needed a win on Sunday to extend their season and they played like that early. Elitzur Ramla wanted to take of business at home and avoid a deciding game on the road and they forced overtime. The series has showcased a terrific battle in the post and this game was no different with Liz Cambage leading the visitors and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough chipped in to help them prevail 81-79 despite good games from Shakira Austin and Alysha Clark. The championship will now come down to one game on Thursday.

Elitzur Ramla [79]: Austin 28/21r Clark 20/12r Rotberg 13/7r Baron 11 Babkina 7/9a Danan 0 Fleischer 0
Maccabi Ashdod [81]: Cambage 32/20r Walker-Kimbrough 22 Cohen 11 Hiedeman 7/8a Sahar 7 Edelman 2 Dayan 0
Series tied 2-2


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