Overseas League Updates April 22nd

Turkish League Finals Game 1

After facing each other last weekend, the two top teams are set for at least three more matchups. Cukurova was looking to avenge that loss and had the advantage of rest and hosting the first two games in Mersin. They had settled on a lineup with both teams needing to make choices for these games. Fenerbahce used the same lineup that got them to this position, choosing familiarity and star power over battling possible fatigue with rotation. Chelsea Gray led the hosts as they were seeking to repeat recent domestic results, but the visitors won 75-68 and the teams will not get a day of rest before playing again.

Cukurova [68]: Gray 25 Hayes 19/6r Williams 15/11r Hollingsworth 7/7r
Fenerbahce [75]: Meesseman 19 Stewart 18/13r Onar 18 Cakir 11 McBride 4/10r Stokes 0

French Cup Final

It was the traditional cup final weekend in France with six games spread across Friday and Saturday. Nice had defeated Ifs in the women’s final for teams, which do pay players, from the amateur leagues. Saturday was supposed to be the banner day for Lyon, but Landes had other ideas from the start after the teams had faced each other midweek. Gabby Williams could not rally Lyon in time and they lost 71-64 and then their men’s team also lost in their final.

Landes [71]: Magarity 16/8r Mann 11 Fauthoux 10 Dumerc 10 Harmon 5/6r/7a
Lyon [64]: Williams 20/7r Johannes 13/6a Gruda 12 Thomas 5 Quevedo 2 Dietrick 0

Italian League Semifinals Game 2

Both series continued on Saturday with home teams looking to extend their seasons. Venezia had played well in the first game and that carried over with a 76-51 win to send the series back to Schio on Tuesday. Tinara Moore tried to keep Sesto San Giovanni from getting eliminated, but Kitija Laksa and Bologna slammed the door on that with a 75-67 win.

Venezia [76]: Kuier 17/10r Santucci 16 Shepard 14/11r Pan 10 Cubaj 2
Schio [51]: Howard 15 Mabrey 4 Mestdagh 3 Penna 0
Series tied 1-1

Sesto San Giovanni [67]: Moore 24/8r Gorini 15 Holmes 8
Bologna [75]: Laksa 21 Zandalasini 16/7r Parker 12/8r Dojkic 7 Rupert 5/6
Bologna wins series 2-0

Hungarian League

Finals Game 3 April 21st-22nd

Sopron was looking to wrap up another championship on Friday and Ezi Magbegor and Jelena Brooks made sure it was a sweep after their 74-55 win over Gyor. That meant that the last playoff game of the season was in the bronze medal series in Miskolc on Saturday and Arella Guirantes led DVTK to a 70-61 win over Sydney Wallace and Szekszard.

Sopron [74]: Magbegor 27/9r Brooks 21/6r Turner 13 Stankovic 0
Gyor [55]: Ellenberg-Wiley 12/10r Dubei 12/8r Williams 10
Sopron wins series 3-0

DVTK [70]: Guirantes 21/7r Jovanovic 17/10r Aho 15/6r
Szekszard [61]: Wallace 22 Goree 9 Krnjic 8/6r
DVTK wins series 2-1

Playout Game 6

The last games of the season were played on Saturday and Pecsi was looking to at least grab one win in this campaign. They still ended up making it dramatic as possible, going into overtime before Kitti Kovacs helped them prevail 79-77 over Samantha Cooper and their closest neighbors in the standings Cegled. Szigetszentmiklos won 64-50 against Csata with a strong second half.

Pecsi [79]: Kovacs 22/8r Szucs 19/6r/6a Tenyer 17/8r/7a Vincze 10/6r
Cegled [77]: Cooper 28/12r Szirony 12

Szigetszentmiklos [64]: McBryde 17/6r Szabo 12 Aldazabal 10/11r
Csata [50]: Szabo 12

1. Csata 13-15
2. Szigetszentmiklos 10-18
3. Cegled 4-24
4. Pecsi 1-27


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