Canadian Senior Women’s National Olympic Basketball Team Revealed

kia nurse, team canada

The Canadian Senior Women’s National Basketball team members going to Tokyo were revealed last night on CBC during halftime of the men’s Olympic qualifier as they try to compete for a spot in the Olympic games.

The Canadian Senior Women’s National Basketball team is made up of veterans and youth. I am most excited to see some of the young talent that will be coming to the Olympics such as Laeticia Amihere who showed great potential in the FIBA AmeriCup competition.

Veterans such as Miranda Ayim, Kim Gaucher are back along with Natalie Achonwa. Miranda Ayim will retire after the Olympics, Kim Gaucher is struggling between deciding to go to the Olympics because she is currently breastfeeding her infant daughter and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers have banned families from coming to the Games.

Natalie Achonwa is injured but the Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve said that she would be healthy in time for the Olympics.

I am most excited to see Kayla Alexander make the team after missing out in 2012 and 2016. She’s been watching and waiting a long time to make the Olympic roster. She’s been working on making the team this whole year and she finally accomplished it. I’m so proud of her and it is very cool to say that I personally know an Olympian. Well done Kayla. Well done!

Kia Nurse is also back and it’s very interesting to hear CBC call her the most recognizable one on the roster. I get it, but I would think Natalie Achonwa would be the more recognized face.

All in all, this is a great roster. This team is going to be special. They may even bring a medal home. Excited to watch all of their games this Olympics. All of the games will air on CBC.


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