Overseas League Updates April 20th

Israeli League Finals Game 3

Maccabi Ashdod needed a win at home on Thursday to extend the series and got it by a 96-82 margin behind Liz Cambage and Natisha Hiedeman. Shakira Austin and Alysha Clark led Elitzur Ramla, which has a chance to win the championship in front of their home fans on Sunday.

Maccabi Ashdod [96]: Cambage 23/17r Hiedeman 23/8r Walker-Kimbrough 16/10a Edelman 12 Dayan 8 Cohen 7/9r Sahar 5
Elitzur Ramla [82]: Austin 26/10r Clark 22/11r Babkina 18 Baron 5 Fleischer 0 Danan 0
Elitzur Ramla leads series 2-1

Turkish League Semifinals Game 2

On Thursday, Galatasaray shuffled their lineup in a bid to extend their season and got good games from Teaira McCowan and Epiphanny Prince to look solid early. Fenerbahce left it late again, but Emma Meesseman and Breanna Stewart helped them win 87-78 and eliminate their rivals. Their schedule does not get any lighter with seven games set to be played in a twelve day stretch.

Galatasaray [78]: McCowan 27/12r Prince 22 Nacickaite 12 Jurjane 3
Fenerbahce [87]: Meesseman 26/7r/8a Stewart 23 McBride 17 Cakir 9/6r/8a Stokes 2
Fenerbahce wins series 2-0

Spanish League Quarterfinals Game 1

All series started on Thursday with the teams that finished lower in the standings looking to build leads ahead of the other games set for Sunday. Barcelona kept it close, but lost to Rebekah Gardner and Barcelona 56-50. Top seed Valencia only has a narrow 58-56 lead as Billie Massey paced Estudiantes. Given the distance between the top four and the rest of the playoff teams in the standings, there was not much expectation of an upset, but Sandra Ygueravide and Gernika do lead Zaragoza 75-69. One series is almost certainly settled after Avenida crushed Sedis 92-45.

Barcelona [50]: Cruz 11/6r Lopez 10 Canella 10 Hamblin 6 Anderson 0 Pujol 0
Girona [56]: Gardner 20 Sykes 18 Tolo 9/10r Muhate 4/6r Flores 0/8r

Estudiantes [56]: Bi. Massey 22/10r Gretter 10 Fingall 8 Mollenhauer 5
Valencia [58]: Romero 12 Carrera 12 Gulich 12 Torrens 9 Cox 7 Burdick 0 Salvadores 0

Gernika [75]: Ygueravide 20/10a Spreafico 13 Wojta 11 Silva 8/7r Williams 0
Zaragoza [69]: Gatling 15/6r Oma 13 Grande 10 Fiebich 8/8r Gimeno 8 Tate 5 Alonso de Armino 3 Geldof 1

Sedis [45]: Soler 10 Strautmane 7 Watts 7 Tunstull 6 Raventos 5 Brotons 0
Avenida [92]: Fasoula 17/9r Prince 15 Reisingerova 13 Carleton 9 Rodriguez 8/6r/6a Cazorla 7 Gulbe 7 Nogic 5 Vilaro 5 Onyenwere 2


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