2024 WNBA Mock Draft 3.0

Angel Reese of LSU

It’s that time for the yearly update for this mock draft. I released the first ever version two years ago, then updated it one year ago. These players are juniors and are now one year away from their WNBA Draft. We have seen these players improve and become better in their three and a half years in college. Some of them are becoming prime WNBA draft prospects already.

Because this draft will take place one year from now, we don’t know the correct order of WNBA teams who will be picking the draft picks. We also don’t know who will have the #1 overall pick. I shall update it near the end of this year and then next year when their draft takes place.

Tomorrow, I will release the second version of the 2025 WNBA Mock Draft and then on Jan. 25th, release the first ever version of the 2026 WNBA Mock Draft.

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  1. Caitlin Clark – Iowa
  2. Paige Bueckers – UConn
  3. Angel Reese – LSU
  4. Cameron Brink – Stanford
  5. Hailey van Lith – Louisville
  6. Deja Kelly – North Carolina
  7. Aaliyah Edwards – UConn
  8. Diamond Johnson – NC State
  9. Sarah Andrews – Baylor
  10. Mir McLean – Virginia
  11. Ayoka Lee – Kansas State
  12. Emily Ryan – Iowa State


  1. Alyssa Ustby – North Carolina
  2. Kennedy Todd-Williams – North Carolina
  3. Lexi Donarski – Iowa State
  4. Georgia Amoore – Virginia Tech
  5. Charlisse Leger-Walker – Washington State
  6. Madison Scott – Ole Miss
  7. Nika Muhl – UConn
  8. Kamilla Cardoso – South Carolina
  9. DeYona Gaston – Texas
  10. Shaylee Gonzales – Texas
  11. Maddy Westbeld – Notre Dame
  12. Jaz Shelley – Nebraska


  1. Sydney Parrish – Indiana
  2. Elena Tsineke – South Florida
  3. Te-Hina Paopao – Oregon
  4. Skylar Vann – Oklahoma
  5. Genesis Bryant – Illinois
  6. Yvonne Ejim – Gonzaga
  7. Makira Cook – Illinois
  8. Madison Greene – Ohio State
  9. Frida Formann – Colorado
  10. Lauren Jensen – Creighton
  11. Abbey Hsu – Columbia
  12. Lior Garzon – Oklahoma State


  1. I’ve followed womens basketball decently over the past decade or so. When is the last time that we’ve had star power at the top like that?
    Three #1 pick type of ladies.

  2. Thanks! I couldn’t remember if Skylar and Brittney were in the same draft. Good one.

    Would you rate 2024 higher?

  3. No Isabel Borlase from Australia after winning the sixth woman of the year award and breakout player of the year in the WNBL at 18 years old

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